How to Build a Copywriting Swipe File + 34 Free Resources

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You’re typing away and creating a masterpiece.

Then, it happens.

Yeah. it.

…Writer’s block.

You can’t think of any new ideas and productivity comes to a halt.

How do you get around this?

By using a trusty swipe file.

Every great copywriter has a swipe file on hand for this reason.

That’s why I’m giving you the ultimate swipe file for copywriters today.

Below you will find a list of examples and resources for different types of copywriting.

Use them for inspiration and ideas.

What is a swipe file?

Let’s get back to the basics.

A swipe file is a collection of advertisements, examples, and other references that a writer uses to improve their own work.

It’s an insanely effective resource when you need ideas for headlines, copy, calls to action, or anything in between.

It helps you get past writer’s block and mimic the pros to publish copy that prints money.

Using an AI copywriting tool like Jasper is also amazing for getting ideas.

But, let’s talk about how to create a swipe file next.

What does a swipe file look like?

So, what does this magical thing look like? Some folks keep it old school with a physical folder bursting at the seams with magazine clippings and printed emails. Others go digital (I do a mix of both), with folders on their computer or boards on Pinterest, filled with screenshots and links to online gold.

There’s no “right” way to organize it. You might have sections for different types of copy: one for emails, one for headlines, another for CTAs (call to actions). Or you could sort it by emotion: positive, negative, etc.

Just as chefs flip through recipes for inspiration, you browse your swipe file for ads and content that give you that burst of creativity.

How to build a swipe file

Follow these steps to build a swipe file of your own:

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet

I recommend that you create a swipe file in a cloud platform like Google Drive.

It will always be accessible no matter where you are or what device is being used.

Visit Google Drive and click “New” on the left sidebar followed by “Google Sheets.”

New button on Google Drive

Move onto the next step after this.

Step 2: Determine your copy needs

Now you need to decide what you’d like to swipe as it will modify the swipe file itself.

For instance, I enjoy swiping headlines, blog post ideas, landing pages, and email newsletters.

Naturally, I’ll make columns for these on my swipe file spreadsheet like this:

Spreadsheet columns

Once that’s organized, follow me to step three.

Step 3: Start swiping!

It’s time to swipe!

Check out all of the swipe files I’m giving to you for free below, but make sure to do swiping of your own, too.

I suggest that you:

  • Visit competitor’s websites and save any ideas you find.
  • Screenshot display ads, social media ads, other advertisements, and save them.
  • Save any link to writing you could use later.

Check out my copywriting courses to learn more about building a swipe file and a freelance business.

Copywriter swipe file

Here’s my treat to you: a large list of copywriting resources that can be added to a swipe file.

These will help you write better aspects of copy including headlines, landing pages, and direct mail.


Headline swipe file

  1. Swipe File headlines: An archive of high converting and attention-grabbing headlines.
  2. 342 winning headlines: A free PDF that includes over 300 different headline templates to try.
  3. 58+ headline formulas: Dozens of formulas that can be applied to write epic headlines.
  4. Copywriting headlines that sell: An awesome list of headlines to test from Kopywriting Kourse.
  5. headlines: Headline examples from a variety of industries and companies.
  6. AdSkills headlines: Multi-million dollar earning headlines.
  7. The Persuasion Revolution swipe file: A small PDF including over 40 headline templates.
  8. Eugene Schwartz swipe file: 127 headlines from one of the world’s best copywriters.

Landing page swipe file

  1. 13 best landing page examples: Unbounce’s list of 13 landing pages to learn from.
  2. landing pages: A collection of landing pages from profitable campaigns.
  3. The ultimate landing page swipe file: Growth Manifesto’s swipe file of 73 high growth companies.
  4. 7 high-converting landing page examples: A list of 7 landing pages to swipe from Jeff Bullas.
  5. AutoGrow’s swipe file: A landing page swipe file from AutoGrow.
  6. The 30 best landing page examples: A list of 30 landing pages from Crazy Egg with a breakdown of their individual strategies.

Sales page swipe file

  1. 20 sales page examples to follow: 20 different sales pages to swipe from Instapage.
  2. 10 sales page examples: Ten examples of sales pages with unique layouts, designs, and copy to get inspiration from.
  3. Pinterest sales page board: A Pinterest board dedicated to organizing effective sales pages.
  4. 17 best sales funnel examples: Swipe these 17 sales funnel examples to build pages and sequences that convert like mad.

Email swipe file

  1. Welcome email swipe file: Learn how to create welcome emails that build relationships and set the foundation for profitable funnels.
  2. Kimberly Ann Jimenez swipe kit: A collection of profitable email sequences including 56 pages of email copy, 30+ emails from real campaigns, and more.
  3. 140+ best email templates: Over 100 different email templates you can apply to different campaigns and offers.
  4. 22 promotional and content email examples: A collection of high-performing emails from a top email copywriter.
  5. 150 e-commerce email templates: Running an online store? Get this PDF that includes tested and proven templates, 18 categories, and subject lines.
  6. 100+ abandoned cart email examples: Stop losing customers and use these email templates from abandoned cart recovery sequences.

Facebook ads swipe file

  1. 47 Facebook Ad examples: A large list of Facebook Ads from some of the biggest brand advertising on Facebook.
  2. Aaron Zakowski’s swipe file: A PDF that will help you create powerful and effective Facebook ad campaigns.
  3. Adespresso Facebook Ads: A curated selection of real ads to take notes on.
  4. ClickFunnels Facebook swipe file: A comprehensive list of 73 high performing ads that are killing it on Facebook.

Lead funnel swipe file

  1. Trello funnel swipe file: A public Trello board from Russel Brunson that contains lead funnels, quiz funnels, cart funnels, and more.
  2. Lead funnel archives: A sizeable archive from Funnel Hack Secrets on winning funnels.
  3. 106 of the world’s most successful lead funnels: Over 100 funnels that will teach you how to create landing pages, thank you pages, convert cold traffic, and more.

Direct mail swipe file

  1. Gary Halbert’s sales letters: The official website of Gary Halbert where you can find all of his legendary sales letters.
  2. 5 direct mail examples: Five postcards analyzed by Inkit that you can draw inspiration from.
  3. 47 creative direct mail examples: Inspire your next marketing campaign with these successful direct mail examples.

Product description swipe file

  1. 5 epic product description examples: Five examples and strategies for writing product descriptions from WordStream.
  2. 9 examples of product descriptions that sell: Examples of effective product descriptions from Shopify.
  3. Product description examples and template: A template for writing high-converting product descriptions and examples from BigCommerce.

Final thoughts on copywriter swipe files

Every copywriter needs a swipe file.

In fact, you should be contributing to it daily.

Add links and resources when you come across them.

You never know when they might come in handy.

And, any time you hit writer’s block or need fresh ideas, open the swipe file.

Create a unique swipe file of resources, templates, and use the links I shared today to create a foundation.

Learn more about copywriting in my online courses, as well.

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