The 12 Best Copywriting Courses to Level Up Your Skills

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So you want to be a good copywriter, huh?

Then you’ll have to learn from the pros.

There are countless professional copywriting courses you can enroll in to become an amazing writer practically overnight.

They teach you all of the strategies, techniques, and processes you need to know to be an amazing copywriter and turn it into a lucrative business.

Look at a copywriting training course as an investment. You spend a little bit of money now, and you get lifelong skills and high-paying clients later.

That’s why I’m going to be covering some of the best courses on copywriting available today.

Ready to become a professional copywriter?

Let’s dive in!

Best copywriting courses

These are the best courses for copywriting you can enroll in based on my thorough research.

Copywriting MasteryClick here$197
High-Income CopywritingClick here$197
CopycademyClick here$199/month
AWAIClick here$497
Copywriting MasterclassClick here£1,315
Institute of Data & MarketingClick here£1,200
SuccessWorksClick here$995
EmarketeersClick here£495
KopywritingKourseClick hereFree
Copywriting Portfolio SchoolClick hereGet a quote
Copywriting EssentialsClick here$895
Conversion Copywriting 101Click hereFree

Copywriting Mastery Course

Copywriting mastery course

I’ve updated this list with a couple of new additions, including my latest course Copywriting Mastery.

This course is for anyone that wants to learn the secret processes and theory of writing extremely effective sales copy.

It includes my proprietary techniques and procedures that I’ve learned in the last 10+ years as a full-time copywriter.

I’ve priced it at $197 as it teaches you a high-income skill that can translate into generating clients or landing a writing career.

I also give all my students unlimited feedback, critique, and mentorship. It would be a fraction of other courses, let alone tuition, if you went to a college for the same education.

You will learn the step-by-step process I use to become an expert on any audience, product, and client.

I then lead you through writing crazy-effective headlines, promises, offers, calls to action, and more.

Some of my students send me assignments that I swear are better than my own work, yet they are brand new to copywriting.

Check it out here.



The American Writers & Artists Inc. copywriting course will show you how to become a high paid writer and is taught by some of the best copywriters in the world.

AWAI’s course focuses on direct response copy, web content, business material, social media content, and more.

It will prepare you to work with a large number of clients and projects, making you very versatile.

You will also gain special access to their writer’s community to network and ask questions.

How couldn’t you be an incredible copywriter after learning from people like this?


AWAI also offers several different levels of training depending on your skill level and goals.

Their “The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting” is currently priced at $1150.00, but you can try it risk-free for two years.

Is the AWAI copywriting course worth it?

I get it. Justifying $1,150 for a course can be tough. You want to make sure you get your money’s worth and don’t get scammed.

Dan Furman from Clear Writing wrote a great review on AWAI’s course stating the following:

AWAI copywriting course review

He makes a great point by stating that learning how to write compelling copy can’t hurt, and it can turn into a six-figure career.

Like any other digital product, it’s all about what YOU put into it.

If you try very hard to learn, become a better writer, and get clients, then it will be worth it.

Heck, even Copyblogger recommends it.

Copyblogger on AWAI

Remember that you can always get a refund, too.

This means that you can try out the course to see if it feels right and get your money back if it isn’t.

Other copywriting courses from AWAI you need to check out are:

  1. Accelerated Copywriting
  2. Money Making Websites
  3. Barefoot Writer
  4. 10-Minute Workday
  5. Web Copywriting 2.0

Copywriting Masterclass by CIM


The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers a live copywriting masterclass over the course of two days.

It’s made for copywriters, senior marketers, freelancers, and anyone who deals with copy on a regular basis.

The two-day class teaches students all of the industry’s secrets to becoming the best copywriter. You will be able to write effectively for many different channels, persuade customers, and generate new ideas on the fly.

You will also learn about tone/voice, managing copy briefs, proper editing, and more.

The course is directed by Alan Barker, a specialist in communication skills with over 20 years of coaching experience. He frequently works in London as a consultant and has written 18 books.

The CMI copywriting course is currently priced at £1,315.00 for the residential package and £1,225.00 for the non-residential package.

Institute of Data & Marketing


The Institute of Data & Marketing offers a web copywriting course that teaches students to write effectively for different channels.

You will learn skills such as:

  • Understanding how customers read and engage with copy.
  • Social media copywriting strategies.
  • Web, SEO, and email copywriting techniques.
  • B2B and B2C blog post writing.
  • How to measure your digital marketing efforts.

Check the course availability to determine when there’s an open window for you to apply.

The course is held in London as it’s a live event.

Currently, the prices are £1,030.00 for members and £1,200.00 for non-members.

Their course is broken down into the following 15 modules:

  1. Introduction to Copywriting for Digital Channels
  2. Breaking Down the Brief
  3. Expanding the Content for Web Pages
  4. Writing for Emails
  5. Editing and Repurposing Content for Digital Channels
  6. Copywriting for social media
  7. Blogging: What Makes a Great Blog?
  8. Taking the Blog Further
  9. Social Media – think Strategically, not Tactically
  10. The Key Players: Facebook, Twitter and more
  11. Using Social Media for Search
  12. Getting the Tone Right
  13. Dealing with Comments and Feedback
  14. Digital Copy Techniques Refresher
  15. Building Successful Personas (including exercise)

SEO copywriting certificate from SuccessWorks

Copywriting certificate

This is one of the only industry-endorsed SEO copywriting certificates you can currently earn.

It’s trusted by Dow Jones, NBC, and countless other large companies.

The course teacher has been educating students on copywriting for 20+ years and has trained thousands of writers.

This certificate will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing content for search engines, increasing your rates, and get clients.

You will get to speak with some of the world’s best writers via group training calls. Some of the speakers include:

  • Brian Clark
  • Bruce Clay
  • Duane Forrester
  • Eric Enge
  • Richard Hostler
  • Brian Massey
  • Debra Mastaler
  • Pam Foster
  • Ashley Ward
  • Roger Dooley

The course is currently priced at $995, as well.

Emarketeers “Writing For The Web” course


The Emarketeers courses on writing effective web and email copy are held in London or delivered at your office.

The course length is one full day and includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments. You will be treated like royalty as you become an expert copywriter. 🙂

One single day of training will give you lifelong skills like:

  • Knowing how to persuade and sell via online copy.
  • Adapting copy to different channels like social networks and email.
  • Understanding how to get key points across and remove fluff from writing.
  • Processes and systems to make your business and copywriting process incredibly productive.

The course is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Understanding Your Audience
  2. Choosing The Right Language
  3. Communicate, Persuade And Sell
  4. Improving Email Performance
  5. Writing For…
  6. Organizational Issues

It is priced at £495.00, but they also offer sales, so keep an eye out for those.

Kopywriting Kourse’s free course

Kopywriting kourse

If you haven’t read Neville’s blog over at, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

He’s one of the best copywriters on the internet and has a blog packed with helpful information on writing effective copy.

I’ve also never seen someone use stick people so beautifully.

Stick people

More importantly, he offers a free copywriting course that will only take 25 minutes of your time.

You will learn the fundamentals of copy and have a good foundation for creating a money-making machine.

The course is broken down into the following modules:

  1. What is copywriting?
  2. Difference between selling and educating
  3. The “AIDA” formula (single best copywriting formula)
  4. Write as you talk
  5. Appealing to your customers
  6. Features vs. Benefits
  7. The Kopywriting Checklist Download
  8. More copywriting resources & books

High-Income Copywriting Course

High income copywriting course

Guess who also offers courses? Me!

I offer free copywriting, content marketing, and SEO courses. Check them out here.

All of these teach you the skills and strategies to excel in each field with templates, examples, and further resources.

However, my paid copywriting course, High-Income Copywriting, teaches you:

  1. Creating a business plan: Business plans shouldn’t take months. They should take a few hours max. My course gives you a convenient lean business plan model to begin launching your profitable agency ASAP.
  2. Game-changing paradigms: I give you the mindset and belief system you need to remain resilient and succeed in the long term.
  3. Launching a freelancer website: Build a copywriting agency in less than a day on a low budget. I guide students step-by-step through installing WordPress, a theme, plugins, and more.
  4. Analytics and data: Discover how to collect and use website analytics for a better understanding of customers and enhance marketing campaigns.
  5. Establishing an effective writing process: Overcoming writer’s block and establishing a great writing process will make you into the Superman of copywriting. It will teach you how to do both.
  6. How to get clients: Proven strategies I’ve used to lock in clients that pay me thousands of dollars per month for copy and content. This includes cold emailing, inbound marketing, and more.
  7. Systems and processes: Learn how to automate, outsource, and build a team. Not just a dinky freelance career.

Check it out here. The course is designed for anyone that wants to learn the secrets of earning six figures as a copywriter.

Copywriting Portfolio School

Copywriting Portfolio school

The Copywriting Portfolio School is one of the best copywriting courses for beginners or experienced writers.

The initial classes teach students about the foundational strategies, creative techniques, communication, and computer skills to be an effective writer.

You will see clearly defined strategies that are proven to work, how to write amazing headlines, and craft informative body copy.

Principles of design and typography are also taught because they go hand-in-hand with sales copy.

Students then apply these skills to concept classes while paired with an art director to work on speculative weekly assignments. How cool is that?

Projects receive critique from the creative team just as you would in a real agency.

Naturally, you’re probably interested in knowing who is teaching this course.

Dan Balser is the Department Head. He has been in the advertising industry since 1987 and began copywriting in 1990. That’s 30+ years of experience.

Paul Korel is a Senior Copywriting Advisor. He has worked in agencies like Boone Oakley, 22Squared, JWT Atlanta, and is now a successful freelance writer.

The price? You’ll have to contact them to RSVP a quote. It isn’t one-size fits all.

Copywriting Essentials Course

Want to understand the fundamentals of copywriting and gain massive confidence while writing? This course is for you.

The Copywriting Essentials Course by ADMA teaches students how to produce professional sales copy and master life-long skills.

It explores the structure, rules, and strategies used in professional copywriting.

The class can either be taken online, spanning 8–10 hours of content and available for six months. Or a single day from 9–5pm.

Some of the benefits of taking this course include:

  1. Learning how to articulate an idea that is concise and engaging.
  2. Knowing how to properly structure copy with a clear introduction, middle, and end.
  3. The know-how to write headlines that grab readers’ attention.
  4. Understanding how to change copy depending on which medium it is being used for.

This course is ideal for those new to marketing communications, copywriters, or those who review agency output.

Conversion Copywriting 101

Conversion Copywriting 101 2

Copy needs to convert. Otherwise, it’s a paperweight.

That’s why Copyhackers released Conversion Copywriting 101: a course dedicated to teaching you how to write high-converting sales copy.

It features 14 modules and 27 lessons. These cover topics such as:

  1. How to write messages that stick and know your audience.
  2. Write copy for different levels of awareness.
  3. Laying out a great web page.
  4. Formatting web copy properly.
  5. How to write headlines that get clicked.
  6. How to use testimonials to support sales copy.
  7. And more!



Copycademy is one of Dan Lok’s latest products.

It helps you quickly learn job-ready skills to become a professional copywriter.

Copycademy begins with foundational masterclasses every month.

These give you in-demand copywriting skills every month in fundamental areas like SEO, email, sales pages, and more. They are led by A-list copywriters. The best of the best.

Monthly coaching allows you to ask instructors anything about copywriting, foundational skills, and getting ready for the marketplace.

Live copy critiques give you one-on-one help with homework assignments which is one of the BEST ways to improve your skills.

Students gain access to an amazing community as well. Join fellow students, improve your skills, and learn from others.

The weekly over-the-shoulder training videos give you a sneak peek into Dan’s real projects that he’s working on.

Place the official Copycademy badge on your website, social profiles, or resume to boost credibility.

Finally, enroll in Copycademy to get special discounts on live events, advanced courses, software, and more.

Are copywriting courses worth it?

Yes, absolutely!

A copywriting course is like any other investment in your career, education, or business.

Some upfront cash right now could be what helps you land a lucrative career opportunity or take your copywriting business to the next level.

Remember that these courses are also going to save you months to years of time.

You can skip all of the learning lessons, failures and jump right to the good stuff taught by proven instructors.

Most courses have a refund policy, so if you decide it’s not right for you, your money is returned too.

Additionally, there are courses that offer lifetime access. That means you can continually re-take it to get your money’s worth. 🙂

Select copywriting courses give you a connection with some of the best copywriters and instructors in the world. These relationships are priceless.

You get critique and feedback from professionals, which greatly fast-tracks development.

In some cases, they may also be able to help you find work and clients.

Final thoughts on the best copywriting courses

I personally believe that education is essential if you want to become great at anything.

You can take in the knowledge and strategies that took some writers decades to learn in a day.

That alone justifies the price for many of these courses.

You’re saving massive amounts of time and mastering skills that will last you a lifetime.

I also suggest that you read books and watch videos pertaining to copywriting.

Here’s a recap of the best online copywriting courses:

  1. Copywriting Mastery
  2. High-Income Copywriting
  3. AWAI
  4. Copycademy
  5. Copywriting Masterclass by CIM
  6. Institute of Data & Marketing
  7. SuccessWorks
  8. Emarketeers
  9. KopywritingKourse
  10. Copywriting Portfolio School
  11. Copywriting Essentials Course
  12. Conversion Copywriting 101

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