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Article writing

How to Format a Blog Post Perfectly in 5 Minutes

It takes 3 hours and 20 minutes on average to…

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What is copywriting

What is Copywriting? | Definition, Skills, and Examples

Understanding exactly what copywriting is and the skills needed to…

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10 Robust Slogan Writing Tips You Need to Know Today

The devil is in the details. Heck, a signature color…

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Reading a book on a chair

How to Improve Content Readability in 6 Easy Steps

Content isn’t a newspaper. So, it shouldn’t look like one.…

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Typing on a laptop on a wooden table

Grammarly vs Hemingway Editor – Which is The Better Editor?

You know when you’re typing and you see that dreaded…

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Woman smiling holding black notepad

10 Super-Common Copywriting Interview Questions and Answers

A copywriter plays an extremely important within a business. Think…

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Statue inside a library

How to Write a Freelance Writing Contract + Template

Onboarding a new client? Hiring a new freelance writer? Great.…

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Books on table near the beach

The Ultimate List of The Best Copywriting Resources

Trying to sharpen the saw in regards to copywriting? You’re…

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Counting Benjamins

How to Find Freelance Copywriting Clients Fast [No BS]

I’ve been copywriting for 7–8 years now. Check out my…

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Reddit homepage

The 10 Best Writing Subreddits For Work, Inspiration, and Hiring

Looking for freelance writing gigs or inspiration to get past…

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