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Direct response copywriting

A Simple Guide: What is Direct Response Copywriting?

Copywriting is an art. Every word you write has emotion…

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8 Insanely Effective Tips on How to Overcome Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there. You’re typing away and writing one…

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Writing process

Writing Process Steps For Producing Incredible Copy

Writing copy that generates millions of dollars is easy, right?…

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Startup office

Content Marketing Manager Salary, Duties, and More

Interested in becoming a content marketing manager or hiring one…

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Technical writing

Technical Writer Salary | How Much Does a Technical Writer Make?

Technical writing is a very lucrative and fun form of…

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Ghostwriting 1

How to Become a Ghostwriter in 3 Easy Steps

Tell me how this sounds: writing for businesses behind the…

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What is Ghostwriting? [Quick and Honest Answer]

No, ghostwriting isn’t Caspar the Friendly Ghost churning out blog…

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Freelance writing jobs

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs and Make 6 Figures From Home

Imagine this: you kick your feet up after working for…

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Copywriting courses

The Best Copywriting Courses That Will Make You a Pro

So you want to be a good copywriter, huh? Then…

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STOP! 5 Slogan Writing Tips You Need to Know Today

The devil is in the details. Heck, a signature color…

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