Can You Make $10,000/Month Copywriting?

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Dive into the online world, and you’ll find words that sell, engage, and resonate. I’m talking about copywriting, the powerhouse of the digital age.

Now, here’s a staggering fact: with e-commerce sales predicted to hit $6.3 trillion by 2024, the demand for killer copy has never been higher.

global ecommerce sales projection

But here’s the million-dollar (or, should I say, $10,000) question: can you pocket a cool ten grand a month just by crafting compelling words?

I have had many five-figure months as a freelance copywriter, and it is 100% possible!

So, if you’ve ever daydreamed about typing away to the bank, stick around. I’m about to dive deep into the potential of hitting that sweet $10,000 spot.

Factors That Play Into Your Copywriting Income

For those aiming for that golden $10,000/month mark, you’ve got to grasp the key factors influencing your copywriting cash flow. So, let’s break it down:

1. Experience & Skill Level

First things first, where do you stand on the copywriting ladder? Are you just stepping onto the first rung, or are you a seasoned word wizard?

  • Beginners: It’s all about hustle! Initially, you might earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour. But don’t let those numbers deter you. Everyone starts somewhere. Remember, Airbnb’s early days? Yep, they sold branded cereal to keep the lights on!
  • Seasoned Pros: With years under your belt, you’re not just selling words. You’re selling strategies, experiences, and results. Some top-notch copywriters can charge anywhere from $100 to even $500 per hour. Why? Because businesses know the ROI on epic copy can be monumental.

Regularly refine your craft. Dive into courses, attend webinars, and read voraciously. Doing these things will increase how much you can charge as a writer.

2. Specialization

Let’s face it, everyone’s got their jam. Find a niche that’s both profitable and resonates with you. Did you know, for instance, that finance and health are among the top-paying niches in copywriting?

Dig deep into market trends. Find out which industries are booming, and align your copywriting skills accordingly. If CBD or AI tech is buzzing, why not carve a niche there?

3. Location & Market

Digital nomads, perk up! Your geographical location and the market you’re targeting can make a massive difference.

  • Global Differences: While an hour of copywriting might earn you $30 in one country, it could fetch $100 in another. It’s all about targeting the right markets.
  • Target Audience: Go where the money is. Tech startups in Silicon Valley or financial moguls in NYC might have deeper pockets than a local bakery.

Be geographically smart, too. Use platforms like Upwork or LinkedIn to target premium clients from affluent markets.

4. Type of Engagement

Freelance? In-house? Agency? Your choice here matters.

  • Freelancers: The freedom’s sweet, but so is the unpredictability. With the right network, however, the sky’s the limit! A study found that around 20% of freelancers earned more than $100,000 annually. That’s over $8,300 a month!
  • In-house & Agency Writers: While there’s a more predictable salary, the trade-off can be in creative freedom and diversity of projects.
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Diversify your income streams. If you’re freelancing, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have multiple clients, explore guest posting, or even consider consulting on the side.

How to Make $10,000/Month Copywriting

Now that we’ve dissected the nuts and bolts, let’s strategize. To scale that copywriting mountain and plant your flag on the $10,000 per month peak, you’ve got to have a roadmap. And guess what? I’ve got your back.

1. Building a Strong Portfolio

Your portfolio is your passport to bigger gigs and heftier paychecks. It’s where clients get a taste of your mojo.

So, show your best work. Not just any work. Your BEST work. Quality over quantity, always. Do you remember Apple’s “Think Different” campaign? Iconic. Strive for that impact.

Get testimonials, as well! Happy clients can supercharge your portfolio’s credibility. And always, always, update with fresh work. Evolution is key.

2. Continuous Learning

The digital landscape? It’s a beast. Constantly evolving, always hungry. You’ve got to feed it (and your brain) with the latest know-how.

The likes of Copyblogger and Copyhackers offer courses that can elevate your game. One study revealed that 75% of professionals attribute advanced learning and mentoring to their success. Coincidence? I think not!

Always be on the prowl for new trends, tools, and techniques. Subscribe to industry newsletters, join webinars, and never stop being curious.

3. Networking

It’s not just what you know, but who you know. Ever heard of the six degrees of separation? Well, in the digital world, it feels more like two.

Sites like LinkedIn aren’t just for job hunting. They’re goldmines for networking. Engage, share, and collaborate.

Attend copywriting conferences, even virtually. Join forums like Warrior Forum or Reddit’s r/copywriting. Surround yourself with peeps who get the hustle.

Copywriting reddit

4. Optimizing Pricing Structure

It’s not taboo to talk money. You’ve got to value your worth, and more importantly, communicate it.

Instead of hourly rates, charge based on the value you bring. That’s what I’ve always done and it works wonders. I can drive a business significant revenue, leads, and traffic. It’s not unreasonable to charge five-figures for a single project with the ROI my clients get.

Offer packages while you’re at it. Bundles like “Website Copy + Monthly Newsletter” can not only hike up your total price but also land recurring gigs.

5. Use Cold Email to Get Clients

Want to get more clients? You need to learn cold email. It’s a cheat code for landing more work at scale as a writer or any service provider.

First, sign up for a tool like Hunter or Apollo. These help you find decision makers in companies that you can pitch your services. You also get all of their social media and contact info (most importantly, that email!)

Apollo io dashboard

Reach out with a short email offering your services, and how it will benefit them, and ask for a meeting.

Don’t hear back? That’s normal. Marketing exec’s are busy people, so follow up every couple of days until you get a “yes” or “no.”

Final Thoughts on Making $10,000/Month Copywriting

Can you make five-figures monthly as a writer? Absolutely. I’ve done it many times. However, it isn’t easy, like a lot of gurus want to make it sound like.

It starts with learning. Read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts about copywriting. Join private Facebook groups and Discord channels (like mine) and meet likeminded people.

Build a portfolio and start doing cold emailing and attending physical events to get your name out there. It isn’t fast, but over time your efforts will compound and you’ll hit your income goals.

Check out my copywriting courses to learn more about these topics.

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