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Steve Jobs book and iPhone

6 Apple Copywriting Examples With Main Takeaways

Steve Jobs was a genius. If you haven’t read his…

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Man jumping and posing mid air

200+ Copywriting Buzzwords to Spice Up Your Writing

Did you know that a single word has the ability…

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Ferrari F12 N Largo

7 Things Writers Can Learn From Luxury Copywriting

BMW. Louis Vuitton. Gucci. These luxury brands are all household…

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People shopping at a mall

FOMO Copywriting – Make Customers Urgent to Buy

What is one emotion built deep into our DNA as…

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Woman swiping credit card

The Definite Guide to Persuasive Copywriting

What’s one of the main goals of copy? To persuade.…

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Brochure on a wooden table

Brochure Copywriting Guide – Write Brochures That Convert

When you think of ways to reach customers, what normally…

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Reddit homepage

The 10 Best Writing Subreddits For Work, Inspiration, and Hiring

Looking for freelance writing gigs or inspiration to get past…

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Asian woman on laptop

8 Lucrative Copywriting Trends in 2020

Copywriting has trends just like any other industry. Yet, most…

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Girl on phone working

What is a Copywriting Agency? (And How to Choose One)

Whether you realize it or not, every business needs copy.…

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Small mechanical keyboard on desk

8 Insanely Attention Grabbing Copywriting Hook Techniques

What’s the most important part of copy? Is it the…

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