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Freelance writing job

9 Guaranteed Ways to Secure Freelance Writing Jobs

Landing freelance writing jobs can be difficult. There’s so much…

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Content writing tips

Become The Shakespeare of Copy With These 11 Content Writing Tips For Beginners

4.7 million people blog on a regular basis. Thinking about…

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Claude Hopkins

Don’t Write Any Copy Until You Know These 10 Claude Hopkins Advertising Strategies

Would you like to make $5,000,000 per year d? Because…

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Writing product copy

8 Product Copywriting Tips For Irresistible Copy

Good copy = lots of sales. Poor copy = no…

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Lead magnets

Lead Magnet Guide – How to Generate More Leads Easily

Generating enough leads to sustain a business is a common…

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Add a heading

7 Copywriting Strategies From Joseph Sugarman That Will Make You 10x The Writer

Joseph Sugarman is one of the most epic copywriters that’s…

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Sales letter

How to Write a Sales Letter That Converts | Step-by-Step Guide

No, direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, it can have…

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eBay listing optimization

eBay Listing Optimization | Generate More Sales and Crush Competitors

Do you sell on eBay? Trying to figure out how…

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Amazon building

Amazon Listing Optimization Checklist to Skyrocket Sales Quickly

Amazon is kind of a big deal. They’re the biggest…

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6 Copywriting Strategies

David Ogilvy Copywriting Strategies Every Writers Need to Know

If you don’t know who David Ogilvy is, you’ve definitely…

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