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What is a Copywriting Agency? (And How to Choose One)

Whether you realize it or not, every business needs copy.…

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8 Insanely Attention Grabbing Copywriting Hook Techniques

What’s the most important part of copy? Is it the…

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The Greatest 9-Point Proofreading Checklist

A lot of writers breeze through a piece of content,…

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10 Smart and Effective SaaS Copywriting Tips

86% of businesses will run their apps purely through SaaS…

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Storytelling in Copywriting – The Strategy You’re Forgetting to Use

Tens of thousands of years ago, caveman wanted a better…

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Copywriting and Tone of Voice – Everything You Need to Know

Tone is how you say something. Voice is your personality.…

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Copywriting And Urgency – The Secret Strategy Pros Use Daily

If there was a book titled “The Giant List of…

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UX Writing For Chatbots – 7 Critical Steps to Take

Have you ever been to a website and spoken to…

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Copyediting Rates – How Much Should You Be Paying?

Writing and editing are two completely different process. Unfortunately, they…

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A Simple But Extremely Effective 6 Step UX Writing Process 📝

Writing for users is tough. They’re fickle little creatures, aren’t…

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