(Part 3) Copywriting Critique – Business Course Email

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In this third part of my copywriting critique series, one of my students submitted email copy to be reviewed. It’s a sales email promoting a free course on branding for businesses. Some of the main takeaways from this critique are:

  • We don’t have to oversell the free course as it’s valuable in itself.
  • I incorporate value and benefits into the subject line and preview text so readers understand what they are getting immediately.
  • A piece of relevant data can be used in hooks to grab attention and create credibility.
  • Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to promote action.
  • Always elaborate on the benefits of the product or offer. Features are factual, and benefits are what the features do for the customer.
  • Tailor the call to action to the offer, try to avoid making it generic.
  • AIDA is a powerful copywriting formula all writers and marketers should incorporate.

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