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283 Headline Copywriting Templates You Need to Try

Headlines are important. Very important. Most people read headlines and…

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The 8 Best Copywriting Podcasts That’ll Make You a Pro

Looking to spice up your copy and learn new things…

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The Ultimate List of The Best Copywriting Resources

Trying to sharpen the saw in regards to copywriting? You’re…

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Value Proposition Copywriting – Write a Killer UVP

What makes you different? What makes you better than other…

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Counting Benjamins

How to Find Freelance Copywriting Clients Fast [No BS]

I’ve been copywriting for 7–8 years now. Check out my…

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7 Game-Changing B2B Copywriting Tips

John Emory Power was the world’s first full-time copywriter. In…

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10 Copywriting Exercises That’ll 10x Your Skill

Copywriting is hard. Really hard, in fact. I’ve been writing…

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6 Apple Copywriting Examples With Main Takeaways

Steve Jobs was a genius. If you haven’t read his…

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200+ Copywriting Buzzwords to Spice Up Your Writing

Did you know that a single word has the ability…

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7 Things Writers Can Learn From Luxury Copywriting

BMW. Louis Vuitton. Gucci. These luxury brands are all household…

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