5+ Great Social Media Copywriting Examples

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in over a decade of diving into the trenches of digital marketing, it’s that words have power.

But not just any words—the right words. And when it comes to social media, the right words can mean the difference between a scroll-past and a stop-and-click.

Today I’m going to show you some killer social media copywriting examples that have not only captured attention but have also driven engagement through the roof.

These aren’t just theories; they’re battle-tested tactics that have worked wonders for businesses aiming to stand out in the ever-crowded social media landscape.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a solo entrepreneur, or a content creator, mastering the art of social media copywriting is non-negotiable.

Let’s get into it!

1. ClickFunnels Facebook Ads

ClickFunnels is one of the biggest software providers for marketers to drive more sales and create high-converting funnels.

They ran a series of Facebook Ads and posts about how it’s becoming difficult to create profitable websites, and how funnels are the new trend.

Here’s the first ad. It has a call to action telling users to register for a free webinar. They also create urgency by saying, “Before it’s TOO Late” which entices people to sign up sooner.


The headline of the ad, “Death of The Website…” spikes curiosity as it makes you wonder why websites are becoming obsolete and what else we can use for business.

It’s a great social media copywriting example that shows simple sells.

Next, we have a variation of the same ad that uses long form sales copy. It’s crucial to test short versus long form to determine what performs better.

ClickFunnels addresses the reader’s problem of advertising becoming expensive and increasing competition. This stimulates customers because it relates to their situation and gets them interested.

Clickfunnels social media copywriting example 2

The solution is then presented: building a sales funnel. The benefits of a sales funnel are getting more customers and increasing customer lifetime value.

Lastly, this is the third variation of the ad. It reuses some of the original sales copy (it most likely performed well in their tests) but uses bullet points.

This makes the sales copy easier to read, and you can communicate the main value and benefits in an easily digestible format.

Each bullet goes over a unique benefit of their free webinar, such as stealing competitors’ funnels for under $100, cloning funnels in less than 10 minutes, and more.

This tells readers that they are going to grow their business and get immense value, all for free.

Clickfunnels social media copywriting example 3

2. Frank Kern’s Facebook Ads

Next up is a Facebook ad from the marketing guru Frank Kern.

The ad is promoting a workshop where entrepreneurs will learn how to apply high transaction sales models to their businesses.

It starts off with a question, which is a great way to stop people from scrolling and get their attention.

The question also adds value and creates curiosity because many business owners would love to work with Frank Kern.

Some scarcity and urgency are created by stating he’s in San Diego for only two days to work with a “small group of entrepreneurs.” This can make people feel like they have to action take before missing out.

The ad goes on to mention the different sales models he’s tried with success and gets you interested in learning more about them.

However, you must sign up and attend to get the full story!

It ends with a call to action telling users to “click here to get the full details.”

Frank kern FB ad

3. Drive With Uber

We all know Uber. But, did you know they are great at marketing and advertising, too?

Check out this Facebook Ad.

It’s a city-specific ad for New York that says you can earn more driving with Uber. More specifically, you can “make some serious cash.”

Running ads for particular areas and adjusting the copy like Uber could increase click-through and conversions because it’s personalized.

Uber social media eample

The headline is a call to action that reads, “Drive with Uber!” This pushes you to sign up and start the process of becoming a driver.

The description is where we see more benefits of signing up, like:

  • Being your own boss.
  • Earning great money.
  • $500 after your first trip.
  • Guaranteed $35,000 in new fares in the next six months.
  • A satisfaction guarantee: if you make less than that amount, Uber will pay the difference.

4. Digital Marketer.com

In this example, Digital Marketer (an online education business) is promoting their offer to teach customers successful business models they can emulate.

It starts off with the bold statement, “This is where you should start.” which can easily grab the reader’s attention.

The graphic supports the sales copy, explaining that companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s use the same business model to conquer their industries.

By mentioning these big names, Digital Marketer is creating social proof and authority.

Ryan Deiss 1

The headline uses a call to action and once again leverages social proof with Starbucks and McDonald’s brand names.

It ends with the benefit of “building and monetizing a successful business” if you click the ad.

5. Crazy Egg Free Trial

Last but not least is Crazy Egg, a software company that helps businesses identify opportunities for optimizing their website.

This example leads by stating both a problem and a solution. Their software will show you why your website isn’t converting, and as a result, drive more revenue.

The call to action and offer is, “Sign Up For Free Trial!” By offering something for free, more people will click the ad and engage.

Crazy Egg social example

The creative implies the offer by saying, “Get More Conversions With Crazy Egg. Sign-Up for a Free 30-Day Trial!”

This is easy to understand and conveys tons of value for the reader.

The headline reiterates this but emphasizes that it only takes 30 seconds to set up. This can increase click-through as it’s a small commitment for readers.

Final Thoughts on Today’s Social Media Copywriting Examples

Social media is a 100% necessity in today’s digital world. Without it, you’ll miss out on leads, growth, and competitors will slowly get ahead of you.

But, it isn’t enough to post infrequently or low-value content. You need to put in the same effort as you would with any other marketing or advertising campaign.

Here are some takeaways from the examples of social media copywriting we looked at today:

  • Use strong calls to action that are tailored to the offer and customer.
  • Create urgency or scarcity with your product or service to entice readers to purchase.
  • State the benefit of what you’re offering, not just the features.
  • Use social proof to build credibility and authority where possible.
  • Use freebies to get people into your sales funnels and convert them later.
  • Align the creative with your sales copy.
  • Give customers a warranty or guarantee to ease objections and friction.

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