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One in four people doesn’t network.

Are you one of them?

You’re missing out on clients and money if so.

I’ll tell you something, too.

The main approach to growing my agencies for a long time was inbound marketing.

Then I started going to events, and everything changed.

I was able to meet people that needed my services or referred others that did to me.

I made like-minded friends that I’m able to collaborate with, and we help each other grow our companies.

But it’s not as simple as just showing up and handing out business cards.

Here’s how you can use for business based on my personal experience.

Don’t leave the house without business cards

If you’re going to a Meetup group, you need business cards.

How else will anyone be able to contact you or send referrals?

I recommend using Vistaprint for cards because they have an awesome design system and affordable pricing.

From the home page, select “Business cards” from the navigation on the left.

Vistaprint business cards

This will take you to the next page, where you can select to begin designing.

Design Vistaprint business card

Feel free to browse their template designs or upload an existing one you already have.

Next, you need to choose your business card materials, finish, and quantity.

Starting out with standard and simple cards is a good idea. Matte, glossy, and similar finishes do improve your branding and first impressions, though.

Choose based on your budget and what you’re trying to achieve.

Vistaprint business card finishes

Vistaprint has a lot of templates to choose from on the following page.

You want one that is memorable and eye-catching but, at the same time, easy to understand.

Choosing a Vistaprint template

I’m going to choose the first option because it is basic and uses contrast to make it very aesthetic, too.

You can add more text fields by clicking the option on the left and typing in what you’d like to appear on the card.

Vistaprint design page

Images can be added to the card if you have a logo already designed. If you don’t have one, use Fiverr to get them made for cheap.

Add your name and services on the front of a business card. This is to ensure that people will instantly know who you are and what you do.

I also like to include some big client names on the front to act as social proof.

The back is where you should place your contact information and a call to action. I offer a free consultation on mine, for example.

Back of business card

Hit the green “Next” button once you’re satisfied with your design.

This will bring you to the review page. Ensure that you check off the list on the left. You don’t want to order them and find out you messed up spelling or something else.

Review Vistaprint business card

After that, order away!

Keep these business cards handy for when you go to Meetup events. I’ve definitely forgotten them once or twice!

Find relevant groups, not just any has groups for literally anything. If you were to be in the inflatable unicorn niche, I bet you’d find one to go to 😉

So, is good for business? Only if you go to groups that are aligned with what you do.

For example, I probably wouldn’t go to a real estate marketing meetup because it’s not a market I’m actively in.

Sure, I could probably get leads for web design, writing, SEO, etc., but I’d be better off going to digital marketing, e-commerce, or groups focused on topics I revolve my businesses around.

Head over to and type in your city with a keyword. Set the distance to what you find reasonable.

Meetup search

This will list meetups by date, and you can even choose a specific day on the sidebar calendar.

Some meetups are free, and others will require you to buy a ticket. I like going to a mix of them.

Click an event that you think looks interesting.

Meetup group example

You can easily attend or decline by selecting an option on the top right. The sidebar gives you all of the details, including:

  • Hours
  • Date
  • Location

The host is also displayed if you’d like to contact them for any reason.

Find a few meetups that you can attend in the next month. That’s my challenge for you.

What to do at a Meetup group

You got dressed, put some business cards in your wallet, and drove an hour away to attend a networking event. Now what?

Here are some tips.

Show up early

This is a great way to meet people and creates the opportunity to start conversations. “When does the event start again?” is an easy icebreaker.

Showing up earlier also allows you to get a feel for the venue, where food and drinks are, and to get a lanyard(if available).

I’ve found that showing up around 30 minutes early is perfect. It’s enough time to achieve the above and meet the other early birds.

Dress to impress

Even if it’s the middle of the summer, don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Take the time to look professional and set a good first impression.

Do you know what impacts first impressions the most? Your appearance and handshake.

Don’t grip them like a gorilla, but offer a firm and slow handshake. It shows confidence and power.

Your body language is a lot more important than you might realize.

Slumped shoulders, crossed arms, and turning your feet away from people are signs of disinterest or defensiveness.

Stay aware of how your body is presenting itself to others. You might not even realize what you’re doing half of the time because it’s all subconscious.

Body language stats

Dr. Albert Mehrabian found something called the 7-38-55% rule.

It means that communication is 7% verbal, 38% tone, and 55% body language.

Eye contact is another thing you want to develop. It can be hard for some people, but practice makes perfect.

Smile, hold eye contact, and break it every few seconds for a moment. You don’t want to stare into people’s eyes with a poker face — you might scare them away!

Chest up, head high, and smile

It’s a networking event. You’re supposed to chat and meet like-minded people.

Don’t be afraid to approach others because that’s the whole point of going to a meetup 🙂

Trust me, everyone else is feeling just as shy or awkward. Be the one person that leads the conversations and introduces others to one another — even if you just met them both!

Here are some questions you can ask people to break the ice:

  1. Have you been to a meetup before?
  2. Are you local?
  3. What businesses do you run?
  4. Do you know what the schedule for this event is?
  5. Do you know where the drinks are?

Keep it simple and get your foot in the door. But please remember this one thing.

Don’t throw out your business cards like a monkey throwing poop.

It’s artificial and will make people feel like you’re just trying to sell to them.

Instead, focus on building genuine relationships and learning about others.

There may be a genuine opportunity to hand out your cards, and there always is.

Some attendees will want to stay in touch, some might need your services, and others might know someone they can refer to you.

Stay in touch

After a long day at a Meetup group, you’re sure to have a fair amount of business cards and names in your head.

Now the key is to stay in touch with these people.

Remember, you’re trying to develop real relationships with them.

I like meeting up with those that I’ve met for coffee if they’re local. It’s quick, and easy, and we get to know each other better.

Check out my guide on writing follow up emails to keep up with people you meet at these events.

If your services are a bit more on the expensive side, this face-to-face contact and one on one hangouts are crucial.

No one is going to give you thousands, tens of thousands, or more after meeting you once. They’re going to want to understand you and your business more.

Heck, I’ve even gone out for beers and played golf with my clients. Make a real friendship out of it.

Using Meetup as a marketing tool

Who said you just have to use Meetup as a way to network?

You can use it as a marketing tool to get customers for years to come.


By creating your very own events. Sure, it takes preparation, organization, and effort, but the rewards can be incredible.

Think about it. If you run the group and are the host, you instantly have credibility and authority. Many people will come to you trying to break the ice, and it makes networking super easy.

Start a Meetup group

To start a new group, simply select the option from the main navigation.

Choose a location where your Meetup will be operating out of.

Meetup location

Step 2 requires you to choose some topics to describe your group. Choose as many as you like, as it will help users find your group.

Choosing categories for a Meetup group

The third step is to choose a name for your group and to set a description.

Lastly, agree to the terms of service and move on to the pricing plans.

Choosing a Meetup pricing plan

If you don’t plan to have huge meetups at first, the basic plan works just fine.

For business owners that want hundreds of people to be able to attend, the Unlimited plan is the way to go.

Once you’ve paid on the following page, your account will be ready to create events.

I’m a huge fan of Alex Berman, so I’ll let his video explain how you can generate more leads by starting your own group.

Summing up using for business is a fantastic tool for a freelancer, agency owner, or any form of an entrepreneur.

It can help you get clients, and customers, and meet the right people to move up the corporate ladder.

The first step is to get great-looking business cards, and Vistaprint is my go-to. Take the time to design nice-looking cards and spend a few extra bucks to make them look unique.

Then, search for meetups in your area. Niche down and find events that are directly related to what you do to maximize meeting the highest quality individuals.

Dress professionally, too. A suit is a great choice, but sometimes I just wear a blazer and jeans.

Focus on smiling, eye contact, and a firm handshake. Break the ice with others and show up early to get a head start.

Stay in touch with the people that you meet and offer to grab a coffee or do something casual.

Make sure to read my guide on cold emailing to learn how to effectively get in touch with people you meet, as well.

Lastly, you can also use to form your own group. They have fair pricing plans and can serve as a powerhouse for getting leads.

Need help growing your business? Explore my online training programs.

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