The Best Marketing Books to Improve Business Performance 10x

Bill Gates reads 50 books per year.

That’s roughly one per week.

If the wealthiest and most successful man in the world reads, you should, too.

Reading books, specifically on marketing, will enhance your strategies and ultimately improve the performance of your business.

I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t be experiencing any of the success I’m having today without reading.

I like to read roughly a book per week, and it’s changed my life.

The amount of ideas, inspiration, and knowledge I constantly gain floods into my businesses, and allows me to generate the results I want.

That’s why I wanted to put together this list of good marketing books that will change how you advertise and interact with customers.

Enjoy 🙂

Epic Content Marketing

89% of businesses use content marketing.

It’s one of the most popular strategies for gaining authority, generating organic traffic, and attracting customers organically.

For decades, businesses would invade consumers space with television, radio, and internet ads.

Billboards and other physical forms of advertising are still present, as well.

However, the consumer is more resourceful and powerful than ever.

Within a few clicks and searches, they can know anything and everything they want about a product.

They did need us marketers shoving it in their faces.

This is why Epic Content Marketing was written: to inspire marketers to change how they create content and help customers.

It will teach you how to produce and share content that creates profit and growth for your company.

Any entrepreneur or business that is interested in building relationships with their customers and becoming an authority in their market needs to read this book.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

This book was written by legendary public speaker, guru, and entrepreneur Gary V.

It is all about connecting with customers and beating the competition with hints of his previous books knowledge throw in.

It’s an all-around blueprint for social media marketing, and it has tons of great reviews online.

Gary goes over the philosophy of the “jab,” which is the process of engaging with customers, building relationships, and offering free value.

Eventually this leads to the “right hook” where you ask for the sale or promote a product.

Too many businesses are only focusing on the right hook, or the sale, and don’t give enough love to providing resources and entertainment.

Gary was a pioneer and early trend setter for content marketing, and you will take away a lot of about publishing and media in this book.

You will also learn more about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Confessions of an Advertising Man

One of my greatest copywriting inspirations is David Ogilvy.

He was one of the pioneers of modern advertising, and many of his strategies are still used to this day.

Despite the book being written over 50 years ago, the tactics can still easily be applied in a modern marketing environment.

He founded the New York advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather when he was 37, and is responsible for some of the most historic marketing campaigns ever unleashed.

This book covers all of his techniques, concepts, and ideas that he uses when writing copy himself.

It is an absolute must read for anyone in the sales and advertising space.

Permission Marketing

Seth Godin is one of the greatest marketers to ever live, and I’ve always loved his approach to marketing: honesty.

His book Permission Marketing covers the philosophy of gaining permission from consumers to advertise to them, versus the interruption they’re normally used to.

From commercials on YouTube to Superbowl ads, we’re constantly bombarded with interruptions, which Seth believes is the incorrect way to reach people.

Instead, we should focus on creating valuable content, helping others, making products go viral naturally, and other timeless tactics.

You will will earn about these ideas and more in his book.

The Content Code


The Content Code is another content marketing book that I recommend.

Mark W. Schaefer, the author, is a consultant, college educator, and best selling author of five marketing related books.

This book focuses on content marketing strategies, processes you can replicate, and how to measure your content performance.

It also goes deep into the psychology of social sharing, along with hundreds of examples and ideas. This makes it extremely practical, so you’ll be able to apply the information instantly to see results.

Readers will also learn about the promotion and distribution of content, along with SEO and other digital skills.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

If you want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, look no further.

This is a friendly guide to learning basic digital marketing strategies, expanding brand awareness, increasing engagement, and acquiring customers.

Digital Marketing for Dummies specifically covers topics like search engine optimization, SEM, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

Trends and strategies are constantly changing, which is why this book offers the foundations of good marketing that will never cease to be effective.

Final thoughts

I believe in constantly sharpening the saw as they say.

This means to continually refine your knowledge, allowing you to make better business decisions, and improve the results you generate.

Even if you can only read for five to ten minutes per day, that’s more than enough to compound over time.

I suggest reading material that applies to what you’re doing right now. Not in a couple of weeks or months, but today.

This way you only take in the most relevant and useful knowledge, and you can apply it straight away.

What’s your favorite marketing book?

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