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Content marketing

The Stupid-Simple Guide to SEO Writing

Imagine having all of your sales or leads come organically…

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How to write product descriptions

How to Write Product Descriptions in 5 Minutes That Sell Like Crazy

Product description writing will make or break your business. If…

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Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter + Tips on How to Hire The Best Writers

Your average visitor is only reading 20% of words of…

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Real estate copywriting

Real Estate Copywriting Guide – Headlines, Listings, and More

5.67 billion homes will be sold in the United States…

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Copywriting headlines

The Professional Guide to Headline Copywriting

Do you want to learn how to write headlines that…

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How to hire a good copywriter

The Big Secrets About How to Hire a Good Copywriter [Revealed]

B2B marketers have agreed that one single practice improved their…

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Technical writing

What is Technical Writing? [Technical Writing For Beginners]

There are so many different fields in writing. From direct…

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Freelance writing rates

Freelance Writing Rates – What to Pay/Charge

Trying to figure out how much to pay a freelance…

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Writing web pages

Bulletproof Step-By-Step Website Copywriting Tutorial

Your website copy is a lot more important than you…

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How to write an ebook

How to Write an Ebook [Full Beginners Guide]

Are you considering writing your first e-book? Congratulations! It’s an…

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