In 2016, the online men’s shoe retailer Pierro Shoes was featured in three Autumn/Winter issues of GQ Magazine. The magazine’s publisher, Conde Nast, offered the opportunity 1 month after Pierro Shoes had launched.

GQ Magazine has over 365,000 monthly readers with an average household income of £103k and average age of 34. This was perfectly aligned with Pierro Shoes’ target demographic so the magazine placement offer was accepted.

I wrote the direct response sales copy for all three issues, below being the first issue.

Pierro Shoes GQ feature

Pierro Shoes features sophisticated designs from Paul Parkman that are hand crafted, stitched, and painted. Let their shoes speak for you with exotic materials such as python, crocodile, stingray, and more. Use the code “PIERRO5” for 5% when you order (expires 31/10/16).

The discount code presented in the sales copy was exclusive to the magazine and not displayed online or on any other material. This was to allow tracking of the sales that came directly from the magazine.

I studied their customer base and product to write sales copy that was exciting and displayed a clear value proposition. additionally, I proposed they include a discount code only found in the magazine to track sales.

Pierro Shoes generated $7,500 in the first month as a result and experienced similar MRR for the rest of the quarter.