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List of 33+ Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is the BEST way to acquire backlinks, grow your brand’s name, and become an authority.

Look at Syed Ajmal.

He helped increase one of his e-commerce client’s revenue by 23.85% mostly through the power of guest posting.

(Not to mention traffic, average order value, etc)

Source: SEMrush

Don’t you want results like that?

Of course you do.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of websites that accept guest posts, so you can begin skyrocketing your SEO.

Let’s dive in!

Business guest post websites

Business Insider

115 million people read Business Insider every month. Imagine that reach you would have if you got the opportunity to write for them!

It’s not uncommon for freelancers to write for publications like these, and have streams of clients coming in over time.

That’s why I’d also recommend reading my article on the best five freelance websites to earn big cash.

Business Insider contributors are typically an expert on a single subject or more related to entrepreneurship, investing, venture capitalism, writing, technology, and other topics you can read about here.

Fast Company

Fast Company is interested in having you contribute to their Leadership section. The content needs to have the correct tone, and be written by an individual, not an agency.

Additionally, the topic should appeal to the Leadership category readers, and introduce fresh ideas that haven’t been spoken about already. Although they do enjoy when writers advance prior conversations and subjects with a new twist.

Avoid self-promotion as much as possible, since Fast Company doesn’t like it, and you will lower your odds of getting published. This also applies to vague content and articles that can’t be backed up.

Articles must be 600-900 words long, and must be sent in complete format to the Assistant Editor Anisa Purbasari Horton. They aren’t looking for pitches or tossing around ideas — only completed posts.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is trying to change business management as we know it. Their goal is to help institutions run more effectively, make better decisions, and become more productive.

That’s why they publish content which ultimately helps the reader become more creative, intelligent, and happier. These are some things to keep in mind when pitching them for a guest post.

In terms of topics, they publish everything along the lines of:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Operations
  • Innovations
  • Management
  • Work-life balance
  • Marketing
  • Finance

The five main things they look for in a guest post submission are expertise, evidence, originality, usefulness, and persuasiveness.

Create an account on their submission manager page to begin the pitching process.


Interesting in guest posting on an award winning digital marketing blog? ShoutMeLoud has had over 735 bloggers contribute to their guest posting website, and over 978,000 readers subscribe to them.

ShoutMeLoud is built on community, so they look for topics that will reach a large audience.

If this sounds up your alley, then give ShoutMeLoud’s blog a quick read to understand what topics they touch on, and how they write. Quality over quantity is a big focus for them.

They look for writers who blog themselves and are active within the community. Subjects they commonly publish are:

  1. WordPress tutorials
  2. Content marketing
  3. SEO
  4. Email marketing
  5. Managing teams and companies
  6. Growing a podcast
  7. Social media marketing

Articles can be no shorter than 2,000 words. While this might seem like quite a bit, long form content packs tons of value and helps readers more than shorter pieces.

You must give credit to images you use, and they ask that you use images, videos, screenshots, and other visuals to make content detailed.

While you will get an author profile by contributing to ShoutMeLoud, they aren’t interested in overly self promoting content, which means avoid backlinking to your site within articles.

Learn more about their contribution guidelines.

Since ShoutMeLoud requires you to be an excellent content writer, you should check out these previous articles of mine to improve your skills before contributing:

  1. Ultimate Content Marketing Guide For Beginners
  2. Content Marketing Examples That Will Bulletproof Your Content Strategy
  3. Don’t Miss Out On These Content Marketing Trends


I’ve had the pleasure to write for Business2Community in the past, and they are a great website to guest post for. Their categories include:

  • Digital & Social
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Finance
  • Life & Entertainment
  • Technology & Innovation
  • US & World News

If you’re an expert at any of these topics, you can read their submission guidelines here.

Matthew Woodward

If you’ve ever looked up tutorials for SEO, you probably came across Matthew at some point. He’s one of the most respected internet marketers in the community, and he accepts guest authors, as well.

Pitch him via the contact form with your idea about a detailed tutorial or case study, as that’s what he normally publishes.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is one of the largest SEO websites on the internet. They post actionable and practical content on SEO strategies, case studies, and trends.

If you know a thing or two about these topics, check out their submission guidelines for more details.


MarketingProfs motto is learning changes lives. Their goal with content, courses, and other resources is to teach readers valuable information. You will need to be an excellent writer and submit an impressive pitch to get onto this revered website.

Read more on their guidelines page about how to get accepted and who to send your emails to.


This is one of Neil Patel’s businesses that you can contribute towards. Kissmetrics has a form you can fill out if you’d like to become a guest author, and it includes what topics they like, info about their audience, and more.

Technology guest post websites

Emerging trends, the latest gadgets, and interesting news are a few of the topics that tech blogs publish. If you enjoy geeky things like me, pitch one of the following technology sites to gain exposure as a writer.


Wired accepts guest posts for their Opinion section.

They enjoy articles that have a specific and strong point of view. Deeper analysis, studies, and data will help get your idea accepted because of this.

Wired also loves topics that will promote further conversations and engagement on their website. Their content is typically proactively framed versus reactively.

What this means is that it isn’t responding to something, but rather proposing a new idea or perspective first to be reacted to itself.

If you want to write for Wired, you will need to narrow down the contact on their contribution page, and send them a pitch idea.


Do you love everything about startups, gadgets, and apps?

Great! Because TechCrunch would love to have you contribute to their technology publication.

Visit their contact page here to get the submissions email address.

Send them a pitch with a suggested topic, your background as a writer, and samples.


TechRepublic is a publication that helps the lives of technology professionals become easier through tips, news, and trends.

Writing for TechRepublic is a great way to share your ideas with the world, while also adding a great portfolio piece to your name.

They specifically take contributions for their Developer Republic section, which is dedicated to programmers. If you know a thing or two about coding, then this is for you.

It’s an all-new community they launched to help enterprise level developers become better at their craft. Whether it’s useful insight or interesting experiences related to the field, TechRepublic would love to have you contribute.

Email them with your qualifications and ideas for articles here.


CallingAllGeeks is one of the leading tech blogs in India. They normally publish content about Android devices, iPhones, gadgets, software, reviews, and more.

Contact Harsh through the website form with your pitch, but first read the submission guidelines to increase your chances of getting approved.

The Wonder of Tech

The Wonder of Tech is run by Carolyn Mohr, and dedicated to both tech lovers and haters. Caryolyn has been a huge fan of technology for the last 20 years, inspiring the creation of her website.

It’s dedicated to helping readers learn about advancements in tech, new trends, and everything interesting in between. Check out her guest post policies to better understand what will make an excellent submission.


Creately is a SaaS company that’s trusted by PayPal, City, Amazon, and other large companies. They have an active blog that focuses on technology, workflow, productivity, and related topics.

They are a well known business in their space, so having a byline can be great exposure for tech writers. Check out their guest post guidelines to learn more about writing for them because they are currently accepting guest posts.

Lifestyle guest post websites


Lifehacker is a lifestyle publication that touches on almost every topic under the sun. Everything from cooking to finance and career is written about on their site.

They try to provide practical and entertaining content that improves the life of readers, while also brightening their day.

If you’d like to submit to this free guest posting site, send your article to


Let’s be real. We’ve all looked up instructions on how to do something via wikiHow at some point.

But, did you know that you can create one of those how-to style posts to share with the world?

You can begin by registering for an account, typing in a topic idea on the submissions page, and clicking “Get Started.”

Food blogs that accept guest posts

Are you a chef, food lover, or just enjoy blogging about food? Great! Because these food blogs accept contributions that you won’t want to miss out on.


Menuism is a website dedicated to helping people find the best restaurants and food. They encourage users to review what they are most importantly, and they also have a blog you can contribute towards.

Read their guidelines for more details.

Disney Food Blog

The Disney Food Blog is ran by AJ Wolfe, and he is super passionate about visiting Disney Parks to find new food. His website revolves around the best places to eat at Disney Land, reviews, and user guides.

Check out his guest post guidelines for more information on pitching.

Food Sense

Food Sense is all about plant based diets. It’s a website dedicated to helping people eat healthier, learn delicious recipes, and teach them about the benefits of eating vegan.

The website is run by Kulie, who adopted a plant based diet back in 2006. She started this lifestyle change to help clear her skin, and it worked better than anything the dermatologist ever gave her!

She’s turned her experience into a resource to help others achieve the same thing, and you can become a guest author if you’re an expert at related topics.

Fashion blogs that accept guest posts

Check out these style sites if you want to contribute fashion related content as a guest author.

Focus On Style

Sharon Haver is the founder of Focus On Style, a website dedicated to fashion, style consulting, and and her podcast.

It’s one of the highest domain authority fashion websites that accepts contributions, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Read her guidelines to get a better idea of how to send the perfect pitch.

The Fashion Supernova

The Fashion Supernova covers fashion shows, celebrity fashion, and everything about style. They have a calendar that they follow, which you can learn about on their about page here.

Send a pitch that aligns with this and I’m sure you’ll land yourself a guest post.

Inside Out Style

Inside Out Style focuses on topics related to color, style, beauty, and body image. You must have an existing fashion business to be considered as a guest author.

Read their submission guidelines and pitch them an idea through the contact form on their website.

Health blogs that accept guest posts

I don’t know about you, but I love working out! Weights, running, yoga, you name it. If you’re on the same page, you should send health related pitches to these websites, as they accept outside contributions.

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is all about detoxing, cleansing the body, and nutrition. Their blog commonly covers topics around cleansing foods/spices, detoxifying teas, and similar.

Visit their write for us page to learn more about how to become a contributor.

Hive Health Media

The goal of Hive Health Media is to help readers become more healthy through weight loss. They provide breaking news, health tips, recipes, and stories.

This means you can pitch a wide variety of topics to get accepted. Check out their submission page to learn more.

Science-Based Medicine

This website is dedicated to the best medical treatments and products, supported by scientific evidence and studies. They promote only the best of health care to help people and institutions make better choices.

Mainstream media and schools often don’t answer the hard questions, which is what Science-Based Medicine tries to do. Read their guidelines to learn about how to properly send a pitch to them.

Photography blogs that accept guest posts

Do you love photography, editing, and everything involved with taking beautiful photos? Then check out these photography sites that accept guest posts.

Steve’s Digicams

This website was launched back in 1997, making it one of the oldest and most popular photography websites on the internet.

It has a very high domain authority, so a backlink from them would give your site a huge boost.

Steve Sanders is the founder, hence the name, and has been a photographer for over 35 years. His website teaches photographers how to take better photos, the best gear to get, and more. You can read the submission guidelines here for more information.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is ran by Darren Rowse, and is one of the longest running photography blogs. They’ve since expanded into selling courses, books, and teaching people to be better photographers.

Darren ran a review website for a couple of years, and commonly got asked questions about how to shoot better, use cameras properly, etc. This inspired him to launch Digital Photography School, and you can become a guest author to help out, too.


InstantShift is a website that educates web designers on how to become better at their craft, however one category they publish blog posts under is photography.

This section typically covers listicle style articles, so pitch something along the lines of that. Of course, ensure that you read their guidelines before pitching to boost your chance of getting accepted.

Hey! My name is Carmine and I've written for Neil Patel, GoDaddy, Smart Insights, and other popular publications. Reach out to me at any time if you need copywriting services.