Are Copywriter’s Happy? Here’s The Truth

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Do you enjoy writing? Are you happy with your career? If you’re not a copywriter, the answer to both of those questions is probably no.

Copywriters have the unique opportunity to help businesses communicate their message to customers. They are responsible for creating effective and persuasive content that can drive conversions and increase revenue.

I’m going to explore if copywriters are happy with their work and career, and how you can get started in copywriting if you’re interested in pursuing it.

What one study discovered about copywriter’s happiness

An ongoing survey by CareerExplorer that interviewed millions of professionals found some pretty interesting data about copywriting as a career. Let’s dig into it.

Firstly, copywriters rated their overall job satisfaction a 3.1/5 on average. This puts the position at the bottom 42% of careers. I’m not too surprised, as copywriting can have a lot of deadlines and responsibilities, but like anything, it’s what you make of it.

Copywriting job satisfaction survey

Secondly, copywriters rated their salary satisfaction 2.9/5, with the average salary being $70,000. This isn’t too shabby, depending on your lifestyle and where you live. You can definitely climb the corporate ladder and make six figures as a copywriter, too.

Copywriting salary satisfaction survey

While I haven’t been a corporate copywriter, I’ve consistently made six figures freelancing while only working on a few projects at a time. If you get into the right company or start your own business, copywriting income can be fantastic.

Thirdly, copywriters rated the meaningfulness of their job at 2.7/5. I personally would rate it a lot higher because I’m very passionate about reading, writing, and creating content. I also love teaching and educating people.

Copywriting job meaningfulness survey

I think if you’re someone who enjoys writing, researching, psychology, and marketing, your overall sanctification in copywriting will be much higher than what this study discovered.

My personal experience with copywriting

Okay, onto my personal experience. I’ve been copywriting for about ten years. Yep, that long.

I started learning about copywriting and freelancing while I was still in school, and I started landing gigs when I learned about job boards, cold emailing, and doing outreach. It was a slow process, but I learned a lot along the way.

Jim Carrey typing coffe

Early on, I could get steady gigs, but it wasn’t a huge amount of money. I would pitch a lot of jobs, compound clients, and keep growing my brand. It took a lot of work and a couple of years before I broke into the mid to high five-figure income range.

During that time (and still today), I loved it! I was generating income by being my own boss, learning new skills, and networking with business owners. My days mostly consisted of working on client projects, creating content, doing SEO, social media marketing, and performing outreach.

However, there were definitely challenges along the way, including:

  • Clients that were a pain to work with. I.e., scope creep, stubborn, calling me outside of work hours, and so on.
  • Charging too little and not getting what I’m worth.
  • Cycles of feast and famine.
  • Etc.

Working through those, I was able to eventually work with Neil Patel, Dan Lok, and build a consistent six figure income. If you stick with copywriting and love it, you’ll succeed!

How to get started copywriting if you’re new

If you’re interested in getting started as a copywriter, I suggest starting with freelancing. You can easily create an Upwork profile and start applying to gigs.

You can also reach out to blogs and businesses that need help creating content. Even if they don’t have an opening, you could always offer them your services to try it out.

There are also lots of courses available online that teach everything from how to write effective headlines to how to get clients for copywriting. Taking some courses will give you more confidence and jumpstart your journey to becoming a successful copywriter.

Finally, join a few Facebook groups or subreddits dedicated to copywriting and network with other professionals in the field. These forums are great resources for finding out what other copywriters are doing, how they’re pricing their services, and where to find new opportunities.

At the end of the day, your success in copywriting will depend on how much you put into it and how willing you are to learn new skills. With some hard work and dedication, you can create a successful career as a copywriter. Good luck!

Final thoughts on copywriter’s happiness and job satisfaction

The truth is that most copywriters love what they do and make good money doing it. While there are challenges, there’s also lots of potential when it comes to the career of copywriting. If you have the writing chops and the dedication to succeed, then becoming a copywriter could be an excellent path for you.

Focus on learning copywriting through reading books, watching videos, enrolling in courses, and re-writing famous advertisements. Then, learn different methods to get clients, like cold email, social media outreach, and inbound marketing. Or, spruce up your resume and start applying for full time positions!

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