How Long it Takes to Make Money Copywriting

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Are you a copywriter? Do you want to make money from your writing? If so, you’re in the right place.

You might be thinking that you can start making money immediately after becoming a copywriter. However, that’s not always the case. It takes time and effort to build up your skills and reputation.

In this post, I’ll give you an estimate of how long it takes to make money copywriting based on my own experience. I’ll also share some tips on ways to speed up the process.

So if you’re ready to learn more about making money as a copywriter, keep reading!

How Long it Takes to Make Money Copywriting

Many people and students of mine have asked me how long it takes to make money copywriting. It depends on a range of factors such as the depth and breadth of your knowledge, the type of writing you’re doing, and even the industry in which you’re working.

If you don’t already have a portfolio of work, it may take longer to develop a reputation and become established. However, if you are passionate about what you do and committed to learning and improving your craft, then I believe that with enough dedication it’s possible to see success quickly – often within the first few months or even weeks.

Tarzan Kay, a six-figure copywriter, published her journey of getting to $236,000/year in income that you should read. It’ll give you more insights and I’ve referenced it many times over the past couple of years.

The Skills You Need to Be a Successful Copywriter

It’s clear that marketing and copywriting skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. Companies are investing more in people that can create content that stands out, as well as dialogue and campaigns to help them impact their target audiences.

To be a successful copywriter, you will need an imaginative, creative mindset combined with technical insight and knowledge of how to structure copy. Research will also be vital, along with the ability to write authentically but concisely. No one wants to read dense and boring copy!

Understanding of keywords and search engine optimization can contribute greatly to success, as well as having confidence in your writing. It’s clear there is no set list for copywriting skills; rather it is about honing the right combo for yourself and your clients.

For example, look at this copywriting job description from Nestlé. It includes skills like branding, collaboration, time management, creative direction, etc. This should give you an idea of what you need to improve if you wish to earn money copywriting.

Copywriting skills example

The Best Way to Learn Copywriting

When it comes to learning copywriting, it’s important to bear in mind that you are learning how to craft and deliver a certain kind of message. Therefore, the best way to learn copywriting is by observing and analyzing as many examples of good copywriting as possible. is a good resource for this.

I also suggest you consume as much content around copywriting as possible. i.e. through blogs like mine, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and books. Here are some articles I’ve written that will help you:

From here, consider investing in a copywriting mentor. They will help greatly speed up the process of learning copywriting and maximize your success. You can reach out to successful copywriters on social media and see if you can spark interest in working with one another.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Copywriters

Good copywriters come in many different forms, but the most effective ones share some common traits. Firstly, they have a clear understanding of the target audience; their text needs to speak to this group in a way that resonates and encourages them to take action. Research is a huge part of this.

Secondly, they write with conviction, displaying confidence and knowledge; this helps ensure their message is heard loud and clear. Once again, properly doing your market research and asking the client questions makes a big difference.

Thirdly, they are able to stay on track while adapting their tone to the situation; good copywriters can be both conversational and authoritative when needed. It’s these characteristics that separate good from bad copywriters—those who struggle often lack the clarity of purpose or ability to set an engaging tone of voice.

Wrapping up How Long it Takes to Make Money With Copywriting

It takes about 3 months on average to start seeing results from copywriting. Give or take some time depending on the effort you put in. In order to be successful, you need excellent writing skills, including grammar and punctuation. Consumer psychology and sales are also essential.

The best way to learn copywriting is by taking courses, reading books, and practicing. A mentor like myself can be one of the best investments you make too.

If you want to learn more about copywriting and get my personal feedback, explore my online courses.

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