The Ultimate ClickBank Copywriting Guide

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So, you’re launching a new ClickBank product or trying to generate six to seven figures through affiliate marketing?


However, don’t make the same mistake I see a lot of my clients and students make with ClickBank.

Do you know what that is?

Not paying enough attention to their sales copy.

A lot of them leave it until the last minute and think they can quickly throw something on a page and it’ll convert.


You won’t break sales records and drive conversions through the roof with half-assed copy, email sequences, or ads.

There’s a secret formula to ClickBank copywriting and I’m going to share it with you today if you keep reading.

Grab attention with an attractive headline

Go to any ClickBank sales letter—especially one that’s killing it in sales.

You’ll notice right away that they always have amazing headlines.

They grab your attention … spike your curiosity … get you drooling to learn more.

That’s your first task.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to write ClickBank headlines:

Directly state a benefit

A classic strategy for writing great headlines is stating a benefit the reader will gain by reading the copy or purchasing the product it is advertising.

This might include:

  • Losing weight
  • Improving their wealth
  • Learning to make money
  • Becoming healthier
  • Having better relationships
  • Etc.

It will depend on your exact product and audience, but think of their main motivation and desire—then include it in the headline.

This is the headline from a sales letter for a stock trading offer on ClickBank:

Benefit ClickBank headline 1

It directly tells the reader that they will learn how to make an extra $500 per day in under 20 days and they only need an extra 20 minutes a day.

Anyone interested in trading or investing will want to learn more and keep scrolling down the page.

Create a sense of mystery

Curiosity is one of the greatest motivators. Readers will want to learn more and see what you have to reveal.

Look at Leptiox, one of the most popular health offers currently on ClickBank:

Lepitox 1

The headline begins with microcopy reading “Here’s How I Saved My Wife’s Life with a …” which can make readers think, “What did he save his wife from?” and “What helped him do that?”

This leads into a bolded headline that states “5-Second ‘Hack’ That KILLS Food Cravings and MELTS 62lbs of Raw Fat.”

“What is this 5-second hack that can kill food cravings? Can I lose up to 62lbs of fat?”

These are other questions the reader will be asking themselves and the video sales letter is presented as a way to find out.

Create urgency

When customers are purchasing a product and seeking a solution to their pain point or desire, they are very emotional.

Often they want something NOW. A quick fix.

Hence why using urgency in headlines can boost engagement and readership.

In fact, seven out of ten people make purchases based on fear of missing out.

This is headline taken from high-converting diabetes offer:

Diabetes headline 1

Note how it uses large red text to emphasize “WARNING.” This grabs your attention and gets you worried if you are exposing yourself to Type 2 Diabetes or if it’s reversible.

That brings me to my next point.

Emphasis important sales copy

ClickBank sales letters are often thousands or tens of thousands of words long.

That’s a lot of text to read. 📚

If it was a black font on a white background for the entirety of the letter, you’d bore readers to death.

So, instead, make use of formatting to emphasize important text. You can do this through:

  • Bolding
  • Italics
  • Highlighting
  • Underscores
  • Font size
  • Typography
  • Arrows
  • Font colour

Continuing with the previous diabetes offer I just covered, look at this section of its sales letter:

Diabetes Freedom

The large red text is eye-grabbing and reminds the readers they will melt fat from their pancreas, liver, and reverse their condition or pay nothing. There’s a call to action with arrows pointing to the purchase button it as well.

Not only should formatting be used for visual relief and to make reading a long-form sales letter more entertaining, but to make certain parts stand out like:

  • Product features and benefits
  • Pricing and subscription tiers
  • Calls to actions and buttons
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Headlines

It’s been found that the highest converting colours for calls to action are bright primary and secondary colours. These are red, green, orange, and yellow.

Use these in moderation to make important elements contrast and pop from the page.

Use images strategically and carefully

Images are tricky.

Use too few and sales copy becomes boring.

Use too many and they can take away from the message.

You need a delicate balance of images while writing ClickBank sales copy.

Images should always accompany your points and make copy stronger. Not distract or confuse readers.

For example, if you were writing about a weight loss offer and included a picture of money, it wouldn’t make any sense.

However, if you included pictures of people exercising, looking slim, or a weight scale, it’d strengthen the copy and make your points clearer.

Here’s a cool fact you probably don’t know: content that includes images receives 650% more engagement. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s a section from a sales page for a Forex trading system:

Easy to follow

The copy explains how easy it is to use the system from the comfort of your phone, computer, or other device thanks to notifications.

Naturally, the image to the left is of a person on their phone. It supports the copy.

This is a simple example. Let’s go deeper.

Here is a photo from the sales letter for a diabetes offer:

Storytelling image 1

The image is of a woman crying which aligns with the emotional story being told of the narrator nearly losing his wife.

One of the most powerful ways to use pictures is to help the reader see themself in the image.

It should be as closely relatable to their experiences, emotions, or demographics.

If you’re speaking to men about gaining muscle, show a picture of a man lifting weights.

If you’re speaking to moms about earning money online, show a picture of a woman and her child.

You get the point.

Images are extremely effective but often misused. Follow these basic principles and any ClickBank sales letter performance with soar through the roof.

Include a video sales letter

You’ve written a sales letter.

Now it’s time to translate it into a video.

If you check out all of the top-performing ClickBank products, you will see the trend of VSLs.


Because they work. And really damn well too.

A video sales letter is a convenient way for people to connect emotionally with an offer, learn about the product, and take action without needing to move a muscle.

Read my guide on how to write a video sales letter script to get the foundational knowledge of doing so.

Videos are important to include on sales pages because 62% of people thoroughly consume video content.

It’s quickly becoming the go-to form of content because of its convenience and ability to hold attention.

Video sales letters can range anywhere from a few minutes all the way up to one hour.

How long the VSL should depend on how much information you have to share with your audience and what amount is needed to persuade them.

Simpler and cheaper products require less information.

The more expensive and complex the solution, the longer the video will need to be.

But it’s not just VSLs that should be on your ClickBank sales page.

Explainer videos are also very useful.

These are shorter videos that explain other important things to the viewer like product information, ingredients, etc.

A stock trading ClickBank offer includes numerous quick videos on live trades using their system like this:

Live trade

Be creative.

Selling a workout plan? Show people performing the exercises.

Selling a recipe book? Show delicious meals customers can make.

They should have a clear purpose and sell the product, not just be there for the sake of it.

Show before and after photos or testimonials

If you are selling or promoting any product that helps customers transform their appearance, finances, or anything in between, you absolutely need to include before and after photos or testimonials at minimum.

They act as social proof and show the capability of the product.

It builds trust, authority, and credibility.

Below is the testimonials section of a Forex sales page.

ClickBank testimonials 1

It can be as simple as this or with customer photos, videos, and detailed stories.

Why are these important?

Because 87% of consumers place as much trust in reviews as word of mouth from friends and family.

Use statistics and data as proof

ClickBank copywriters can further establish proof and credibility by citing contextual statistics and data.

If you are starting fresh and don’t have reviews or testimonials, this is a surefire way to build authority quickly.

Do a Google search for:

  • Keyword + stats
  • Keyword + statistics
  • Keyword + case studies
  • Keyword + data

You will find several, if not dozens, of roundup articles that will give you mountains of data to play with.

Looking up stats 1

Find relevant statistics and source these within the copy of your sales letter to help strengthen certain points, build credibility, and stimulate pain points.

Look how this sales letter cites how much Americans pay for medication and insulin to stimulate the pain point of traditional medicine being very expensive:

ClickBank stats

They are then able to position the product as a more cost-effective and natural way to approach this dilemma.

Don’t let them leave!

You can have the best ClickBank copywriting and product in the world, but sometimes people aren’t ready to buy.

…Or they’re not convinced.

…Or they need time to think about it.

Instead of letting sales slip through your fingers, you can capture the reader’s information and boost conversions with an exit-intent offer.

They have a 5–10% conversion rate on average!

It is a popup window that triggers when someone’s mouse cursor leaves the window.

It gives them one final reminder or reason to purchase and not leave.

You can also use these for down-selling or offering lead magnets to get users subscribed to an email sequence.

There are many different tools you can use to add exit-intent popups to your sales page. I personally recommend:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. OptinMonster
  3. ConvertKit

The key to high-performing exit offers is to use a sense of urgency or scarcity.

You want the user to feel like this is their absolute last chance to get something.

The following is an exit-intent popup found on a weight loss ClickBank page.

ClickBank exit intent

Large text telling the reader to wait if they have three minutes catches attention quickly and communicates that it doesn’t require a large investment to learn how to lose weight.

There are two components to why this works so well: the call to action and the reason for staying.

Tell a story to get readers hooked

Breathe more life into any sales page and get readers emotionally engaged by telling a great story.

Stories release dopamine, help people reflect on their own experiences, and activate several parts of the brain. 🧠

What better way to get people’s attention?

Stories can be told in several different ways.

The first is to create a fictional story that relates to the product or service you’re offering.

But tread lightly.

You don’t want the FTC knocking at your door. 👎

Don’t claim that the product helped an imaginary person generate one million dollars and get their dream body in 30 days. That’s false advertising.

Instead, use fictional stories to help people relate emotionally to the topic and get them drawn into the rest of the funnel.

Look at this part of a sales letter for a diet offer:

Storytelling on ClickBank

I doubt that this story is real because you see these exact same concepts used in many successful campaigns.

However, they work incredibly.

The second way to leverage stories on ClickBank is by telling a real-life experience of your own.

Were you once broke and created a business that made six figures?

Did you lose weight and become extremely healthy with a specific diet?

You get the point.

Explain the process you went through including all of the pain, triumphs, and obstacles.

Customers will be able to put themselves in your shoes, feel the emotions, and want to seek a solution.

Kelley from Keto Breads does this perfectly explaining how she wanted to still enjoy the tastiness of bread, biscuits, and similar foods while staying on a ketogenic diet.


Anyone on this diet will be able to relate to Kelley’s story and be interested to learn how she solved this problem.

Final thoughts on ClickBank copywriting

ClickBank is like a casino.

Some people go there and make millions. 🤑

Others go bust and lose it all. 😭

What separates these two types of marketers? Their sales copy.

You can improve the quality of any ClickBank sales page by optimizing the headline. State a benefit the reader will gain, create a sense of mystery, or use urgency to increase readership.

Emphasize calls to action and critical information by using highlights, italics, bolding, bigger font, or different colors.

Include images that support sales copy and help the reader emotionally relate to the text.

Compile the main points of a sales letter into video format and place it at the top of the page. You can include the written form underneath or on a separate page.

Use before and after pictures to prove that the product works and is capable of any claims you make. Bonus points if you get testimonials from satisfied customers.

Similarly, use statistics and data to build credibility and trust.

Use an exit-intent offer, whether it’s a down-sell or offering a lead magnet to prevent customers from slipping through the cracks.

Finally, tell a good story. They help readers emotionally engage with sales copy and get primed for making a purchase.

Want to learn more about copywriting and get mentorship? Explore my online courses.

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