Event Copywriting Examples and Strategies

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If you want to get the most registrations for your next event, you need good copywriting and marketing. It’s a non-negotiable.

93% of consumers say live events are more effective than traditional media, but it’s not enough to simply host an event and hope for the best.

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That’s where copywriting comes into the picture. With the right words, you can drive more people to your event, get them talking, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Follow along as we break down event copywriting examples and how you can replicate their success!

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Event Copywriting

Let’s break down the copywriting strategies used for Tony Robbins’ “Date With Destiny” event, drawing insights that you can apply to your own event copywriting efforts.

What Makes it Unique and Better?

First off, the event makes its value proposition crystal clear: it’s not just about attending another seminar; it’s about experiencing a transformation. The copy emphasizes the transformative power of the event right from the start, setting expectations high.

Tony Robbins event copywriting example 1

Your copy should immediately convey the unique value of your event. Use clear, compelling language to articulate how attending will benefit participants.

Structured Information

The breakdown of the event into clear, digestible sections such as tuition information, benefits, and satisfaction guarantee, ensures that potential attendees can easily find the information they’re looking for. This structured approach reduces confusion and helps in decision-making.

Note how Tony also creates urgency and scarcity by stating tickets have sold out over seven years in a row. This, along with the progress bar, pushes customers to take action sooner.

Tony Robbins event copywriting example 2

Structure your event copy in a way that guides readers through the information. Use headers and bullet points to make key details stand out.

Brainstorm where you can add a sense or urgency or scarcity to increase registrations. Limited seats? Discount codes with an expiry? All of these are effective.

Payment Options and Flexibility

Offering multiple payment options and detailing them clearly is a strategic move. It addresses one of the main barriers to conversion: cost. By offering a finance plan, full payment bonuses, and a momentum plan, the event makes itself accessible to a wider audience.

Be transparent about costs and offer flexible payment options. This can make your event more accessible and increase sign-ups.

Clear Policies

The event copy lays out all policies regarding cancellation, default, and transfer fees in detail. This transparency builds trust with potential attendees, as they know exactly what to expect and what is expected of them.

Don’t hide the fine print. Be upfront about your policies. This honesty can enhance trust and credibility with your audience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The satisfaction guarantee is a powerful tool in event copywriting. It reduces the perceived risk of attending and shows confidence in the event’s value. This can be a deciding factor for those on the fence about signing up.

Tony Robbins event copywriting example 3

Consider offering a satisfaction guarantee. It can increase sign-ups by reducing the perceived risk of attending your event.

Julien Blanc’s Transformation Mastery

I used to love the Real Social Dynamics content creators, and one of them is a man by the name of Julien Blanc. He gives us a masterclass in engaging and persuasive event copywriting.

Let’s dive into the strategies used, making it a great resource for anyone looking to elevate their event marketing.

Relatable Goal Setting

Right off the bat, the copy sets a relatable and highly desirable goal: achieving a state of bliss and happiness unlike anything the reader has experienced before.

Transformation event copywriting

This isn’t just about attending an event; it’s about embarking on a journey toward a happier life. This approach taps into the universal desire for happiness and well-being, making the event an irresistible opportunity.

Your copy shouldn’t just explain the factual parts of your event, it needs to connect with the reader’s deepest desires and dream outcomes.

Incremental Progress

The copy smartly breaks down the transformation into monthly steps, emphasizing that each month participants will take a “MASSIVE STEP FORWARD.”

Transformation event copywriting 2

This structure not only makes the journey seem more manageable but also builds anticipation for continuous progress. It’s a brilliant move, showing how incremental changes can lead to significant life transformations.

Visual Proof

Incorporating “Reality-Altering Transformational Infield” content each month is a stroke of genius. It’s one thing to talk about transformation; it’s another to show it happening.

This strategy leverages the power of visual proof and storytelling, making the promise of transformation feel tangible and achievable.

Transformation event copywriting 3

Julien clearly elaborates on the benefits of these features, like changing yourself, uncovering secret techniques, and having a framework to use for becoming your best self.

Direct Access to Expertise

Offering live teleconferences with Julien Blanc himself is a powerful draw. It personalizes the experience and adds immense value by giving participants direct access to the expert.

This creates a sense of exclusivity and immediacy, encouraging sign-ups by promising personalized guidance. Many people who sign up for events and workshops also want a relationship with the instructor, and Julien aligns with that.

Think about how you can add an element of connection and relationship-building to your event.

Emotional Release

The inclusion of “Guided Live Releases” addresses a critical aspect of transformation: emotional baggage. By promising a path to serenity and the melting away of stress, the copy directly speaks to the pain points of its audience.

Julien Blanc example

This not only offers a solution to a common problem but also positions the event as a safe space for emotional healing. Again, Julien does a great job targeting his customer’s pain points and positioning the event as the solution.

Funnel Hackers Live by Russel Brunson

What better way to learn about event copywriting than from the legendary marketer Russel Brunson and ClickFunnels. Let’s break down the takeaways from their landing page, focusing on how each element plays its part in creating a compelling narrative that draws readers in.

Accessibility is Key

The headline immediately addresses a major pain point for international attendees: the hassle of travel logistics. By highlighting the virtual nature of the event, the copy taps into a universal desire for convenience and accessibility.

Funnel Hackers

This is a smart move. It tells you, “Hey, we’ve got you covered. No need to worry about the pains of travel.” It’s inclusive, making the event feel open to everyone, everywhere.

Emphasizing the Global Community

By specifically mentioning that the event is available to “everyone in the world,” the copy creates a sense of belonging to a global community. This isn’t just an event; it’s a worldwide gathering of like-minded individuals.

Funnel Hackers 2

This global appeal is not just welcoming; it’s exciting. It promises the opportunity to connect with people from different corners of the globe, all from the comfort of your home.

Note how they also anchor their price by slashing the original ($997) to make $297 appear like a deal. Russel also positions it as “less than most electricity bills” to make the purchase seem more logical.

Simplification of Participation

The mention of not having to worry about flights, hotels, and other travel-related hassles is a masterstroke. It simplifies the decision-making process. The subtext here is, “We’re removing barriers to make it easy for you to say yes.”

In a world where convenience is king, this approach is gold. It speaks directly to the reader’s pain points and objections and offers a hassle-free solution.

Direct and Personal Tone

Notice the direct and personal tone of the message. It’s like having a one-on-one conversation with the event organizer. This style of communication is engaging and makes the reader feel valued and understood. If you look at famous advertisements, you will see this approach used often because it works.

Final Thoughts on Event Copywriting

If you’re serious about growing your event and maximizing registrations, you can’t be lazy when it comes to copywriting and marketing. It’s like trying to drive a car without an engine. You have everything you need, but you’re missing the core piece.

Based on the event copywriting examples we look at today, here are takeaways you can apply yourself:

  • Target the reader’s pain points and position your event as a solution.
  • Overcome customer’s objections and questions to make registering as smooth as possible.
  • Use media and video to back up the sales copy and make the registration page more interesting to navigate.
  • Add strong calls to action throughout the page to lift conversions.
  • Leverage scarcity and urgency to push more people to register. Limiting tickets or discount codes are examples you can use.
  • Have a clear guarantee so customers feel comfortable knowing they can get a refund.
  • Emphasize relationship building a sense of community. Many people attending events want to network and meet others.

Want to learn more about copywriting and digital marketing? Explore my online courses and get coaching and a community of like-minded people.

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