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Copywriting Courses

Master copywriting, a high-income skill that can transform your income, career, or business.

Copywriter Growth Bootcamp

Copywriter Growth Bootcamp - $97

Learn how to write sales copy and get high-paying clients, plus personal mentorship from me.

Copywriting Mastery

Copywriting Mastery Course - $49

Mastery copywriting and learn my personal process and strategies I haven’t shared before.

High Income Copywriting featured

High Income Copywriting - $49

Greatly increase your freelancing writing income and finally be financially free.

SEO copywriting featured 1

SEO Copywriting Course - $49

Learn how to write sales copy that ranks on the first page of Google, and drives organic growth and sales.

Free copywriting course featured

Copywriting For Beginners - Free

Learn the fundamentals of copywriting strategy and theory completely free.

Freelancing writing course featured

Freelance Writing For Beginners - Free

Learn how to make money writing online as a freelancer and be your own boss.

Marketing Courses

Improve your marketing skills to grow your business or resume.

Free content marketing course featured

Content Marketing Course - Free

Learn how to use content to generate leads, awareness, and growth.

Free SEO course featured

SEO Course For Beginners - Free

The fundamentals of on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

Copywriting Templates

Stop spending so much time writing copy and drive more revenue.

Welcome email sequence template

Welcome Sequence Email Template - $9.99

Convert email subscribers on auto-pilot.

Website template

Website Copywriting Template - $9.99

Effortlessly write websites that drive sales.

Blog post template

SEO Blog Post Template - $9.99

Write articles that rank #1 on Google.

Website template

Website Copywriting Template - $9.99

Website copy that drives massive sales.


Master copywriting, a high-income skill that can transform your income, career, or business.

Copywriting book cover shadow

Sell Like Hell - $2.99

Insider copywriting tactics and processes from a seven-figure writer.

Freelance writing book cover

How to Become a Freelance Writer - $2.99

Be your own boss and become a profitable freelance writer.