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Minimum project fee: $5,000 CAD

Tired of working with copywriters in Waterloo that don’t deliver, can’t meet deadlines, and never generate growth for your business? Cool. You’re in the right place.

My name is Carmine Mastropierro and you could say I’ve been around the block as a Waterloo copywriter…

I’ve written for Neil Patel, Marketo, GoDaddy, Dan Lok, and countless other big names.

Results? I have those too. I’ve helped my clients drive up to six-figures in MRR, double their conversion rates, and more.

I pride myself in being easy to work with, having great communication, professional, and a lifesaver. After all, I get it. You don’t have time to write sales copy yourself and need someone you can finally rely on for consistent quality.

Let’s schedule a free consultation call. On me.

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How My Waterloo Copywriting Services Work

Step 1: A Quick Chat

I like to kick off every new project with a no-obligation discovery call. Tell me about your company, goals, where you’re falling short, and I’ll explain how I can help take it to the next level.

Step 2: Planning

Once we’ve agreed to work together, I’ll send in an electronic invoice and proposal. I then begin the research phase where I study our business, product, industry, competitors, and buyer persona.

Step 3: Creation

Time to work my magic. I now start creating an outline of the project, planning out each major and minor section of the campaign so you understand the direction I’m taking it. 

Step 4: Editing

Seldom does my work need much adjusting (I’m just that good), however it’s always wise to have an editing phase. Here is where we will clean up the copy and make it as perfect as possible.

Step 5: Lauch

This is the best part. The sales copy is now ready to publish (I’m happy to place it correctly on the website myself). Don’t forget my when you’re at the top!

Step 6: Testing

After the initial campaign, it’s common for my clients and I to begin creating split tests on headlines, offers, and other components to continually drive more conversions.

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Meet My Team

The mastermind’s that help me drive millions of dollars for clients.


Carmine Mastropierro

Copywriter for Neil Patel, Dan Lok, Marketo, GoDaddy, and more.

Mike Hoyles

Mike Hoyles

Conversion rate expert that’s generated millions for brands like WestJet, Four Seasons, P&G, American Express, AT&T, and others.

Zach Radford

Zach Radford

PPC specialist that actively manages millions of dollars in ad spend and has driven tens of millions in sales for clients.

Evan Pappas

Evan Pappas

Authority in developing conversion-driven websites for hundreds of businesses.