Toronto SEO Expert

Do you want to be on the first page of Google generating mountains of traffic that convert into customers? Then you need to invest in SEO. 

Despite it being extremely efficient fo driving sales, brand awareness, and countless other benefits, some businesses are behind.

They have a website. That’s it. And, while’s that’s great, it needs to be engineered to do something. Otherwise, it collects dust and acts as a paperweight.

Does that describe your company’s website?

You know what I mean: no traffic, no results, and you question if it’s worth paying the hosting fees. 

Don’t worry. If you work with me, I guarantee that I will increase your website’s search engine visibility, organic traffic, and keyword rankings.

But, let’s get back to the basics first. What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the process of (as you could guess) optimizing web pages for search engines. Google has over 200 ranking factors with 50 variations, leaving us with at least 10,000 different things to do to a page.

You’re already busy. You have better things to do. I get it.

I’ve been practicing SEO for 8+ years, helping clients achieve:

  • First page (or first result) rankings for ultra-competitive keyword, some of which have hundreds of thousands of monthly searches.
  • A triple-digit increase in organic traffic.
  • Acquire high-quality backlinks that boost authority, rankings, and traffic.
  • Create a much more enjoyable user experience on their website. (Which Google also loves.)
  • Publish high-quality content that gets a non-stop trickle of inbound leads.
  • And more!

So, how do I do this?

Firstly, I offer on-page SEO services in which I perform an SEO audit (similar to my content audit service) and find all of your site’s needed improvements. 

I offer a custom quote to fix these issues because it varies client to client.

Next, I offer guest posting services to help you establish authority, brand awareness, and improve your link profile. 

Everything is done white hat. A.K.A professionally, legally, and morally. Watch out for any Toronto SEO company that promises too much for too little. Those services cause more harm than good.