Toronto copywriting

Writing sales copy that grabs attention, hooks emotion, and pushes customers to take action isn’t easy. Many businesses think they can write their own copy and watch the sales roll in, too.

Not so fast.

How many times have you written your own copy only for it to have a poor conversion rate, click-through rate, etc? It’s very common.

That’s why I offer Toronto direct response copywriting services that will help your business generate leads and sales.  I’ll use my 7+ years of copywriting experience to study your target audience, product, and brand to create perfect sales copy that converts like crazy.

Furthermore, I’ll take the stress off of your shoulders and save you time that you can dedicate towards other tasks within your business.

My Toronto copywriting services and rates include:

Day rate: $800 CAD

Hourly: $100 CAD

Packages(Prices in CAD):

  • 5-7 page website: $2,000
  • 10-15 page website: $4,000
  • 1 page sales/landing page: $500
  • 2-3 page sales/landing page: $1,250
  • 5-10 page sales/landing page: $3,000
  • 1 page sales email: $500
  • 1 page email newsletter: $200/newsletter
  • PPC ads: $200/ad

If you have a project that isn’t listed on here or require a custom quote, please contact me at any time and I’ll offer you one for free.

Is copywriting important?

If you’re interested in generating sales, then yes, copywriting is very important. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that only design and a complex funnel will make customers buy but that’s incorrect.

Writing copy that connects with their emotions, primal desires, overcomes objections, and similar strategies is truly what drives sales. 

Copy can be applied to any business material such as websites, landing pages, sales letters, brochures, etc.

What’s your copywriting process like?

After our discovery call where I talk to you about your goals, budget, and business, I begin every copywriting project with research and organization.

I take all of the resources you can give me to conduct my own proprietary research on your product, industry, and target audience. This allows me to conclude trends, consumer behavior, and opportunities that are then organized to improve my workflow.

Next, I will create an outline of the copy I plan to write that consists of elements such as:

  • Major points and sub-points along with other ideas.
  • A clearly defined unique value proposition.
  • Product features and benefits.
  • Questions customers have.
  • Objections and concerns customers have.
  • Pricing and similar terms.
  • Etc.

Mapping out aspects like this allows me to write faster and better.

Once the first draft is finished, I will send it to you for feedback. While I offer unlimited revisions, my clients and I seldom go past a single round of edits because I put so much effort into writing crisp copy.