Toronto content writing

Not having content makes your website into a ghost town. Users won’t know if you’re active and available for contact if you haven’t updated a blog in months or years.

Can you blame them?

You will also miss out on practically free traffic by not taking advantage of search engine optimized content. Leads could be coming to your doorstep without burning money on traditional advertising. Don’t you want that?

But enough about the bad. Let’s talk about the good.

Content marketing helps your business generate organic traffic, leads, and turns you into a thought-leader within your industry.

You will build trust with readers and stand out from competitors, as well.

Once the content is published, it will continue to drive traffic and leads and act as a business asset for years to come. You can’t say that about PPC campaigns that dry up as soon as you stop spending.

That’s why as an expert Toronto copywriter, I offer content writing services and specialize in long-form, data-driven, and SEO focused content. The end result is blog posts that drive organic traffic, attract prospects, and educates users about topics related to your product or service.

If you need a content audit or help to create a content strategy, I offer services for that, as well.

I handle all of the topics, outlines, and keyword research unless you have them pre-planned. 

Kick back while all of your content writing needs are taken care of for you.

Single pieces of content, trial articles, whitepapers, and case studies are billed at $0.50/word CAD.

Retainers(Prices in CAD):

  • 4 x 1,000 word articles/month: $1,750 reduced from $2,000
  • 4 x 1,500 word articles/month: $2,500 reduced from $3,000  
  • 4 x 2,000 word articles/month: $3,200 reduced from $4,000
  • 4 x 3,000 word articles/month: $5,000 reduced from $6,000
  • 8 x 1,000 word articles/month: $3,200 reduced from $4,000
  • 8 x 1,500 word articles/month: $4,500 reduced from $6,000
  • 8 x 2,000 word articles/month: $6,000 reduced from $8,000
  • 8 x 3,000 word articles/month: $8,000 reduced from $12,000
  • 12 x 1,000 word articles/month: $4,800 reduced from $6,000
  • 12 x 1,500 word articles/month: $7,200 reduced from $9,000
  • 12 x 2,000 word articles/month: $9,000 reduced from $12,000
  • 12 x 3,000 word articles/month: $12,000 reduced from $18,000

All of my Toronto content writing services include:

  1. Unlimited revisions
  2. On-page SEO and keyword research
  3. Meta description
  4. Three headline ideas
  5. Editing
  6. Proofreading
  7. Fast turn-around time


  1. Funnel lead magnets
  2. Repurposed content
  3. Content distribution and promotion
Please contact me if you require a custom retainer or quote and I’ll happily provide you one for free.

Who are these Toronto content writing services for?

My content writing services are ideal for any business interested in generating inbound traffic and leads.

Many companies, despite us being in a digital age, are not producing content to build trust with prospects while attracting them organically to their website.

This is a mistake that can, unfortunately, push you behind competitors as consumer behaviour shifts towards absorbing content and ignoring advertising.

Furthermore, my services are incredible for any business that wants to save time and energy versus writing content themselves.

Producing long-form, data-driven, and SEO focused content isn’t easy. It takes thorough planning, research, and execution. Let me take the stress off of your shoulders by doing the hard work.

What types of content do you write?

I specialize in long-form blog content that’s engineered to rank highly in search engines and generate your business leads.
However, I produce any type of content that suits your business and goals. That might be short-form content, social media content, white papers, lead magnets, case studies, etc.

Content strategy

Per project: $2,500-5,000 with a 2-4 week delivery time.

Putting together an effective content marketing strategy from beginning to end is difficult. There are dozens of components that need to be considered and optimized to ensure that they drive performance.

Seeing as content marketing can take a long time to have an ROI, you need a thorough plan before you begin or you may waste months to years of time.

This is why I offer Toronto content strategy consulting where I provide you deliverables covering:

  • A content marketing plan for creating, distributing, repurposing, and measuring campaigns along with KPIs based on your business.
  • A repeatable and templatized on-page SEO strategy to apply to content so that it ranks highly in Google and drives organic traffic.
  • Research on your target audience and competitors to find content opportunities, trends, and problems.
  • TOF, MOD, and BOT plan for generating leads.
  • Topics and keywords your business can target to drive performance within campaigns.
  • Guidelines that you can give to future writers so they produce effective content easily.
  • More.

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Do I need a content strategy?

Producing content on a regular basis is not enough to generate a significant amount of traffic, leads, and revenue. Every channel, topic, keyword, and detail has to be strategically chosen or your efforts will not pay off. Seeing as content marketing can take long periods to show results, you don’t want to put in effort only to find out later it was wasted.

Any company serious about content marketing needs a thorough content strategy they can follow and execute on a daily basis because of this. It can and should also be shared with your team so everyone is on the same page.

My content strategy consulting will help set your business for success in the long term by avoiding common mistakes and creating the correct trajectory from day one.

You will avoid a lot of the errors businesses take months to years to learn before finally crafting a perfect content strategy. This also means you will have fewer headaches and more money in your pocket versus wasting budget on content that didn’t work.

How does content benefit a business?

Every business, regardless of industry, can benefit greatly from content marketing. It has been proven that content builds trust, drives organic traffic, turns your brand into an authority, among other heaps of benefits.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want leads coming to them naturally without PPC or cold calling? Producing high quality and relevant content attracts the right audience to your website who then converts in paying customers. It’s a dream come true.

How does the process work?

Simple. Begin by reaching out to me via the button below to tell me a bit about your business and goals. We will schedule a discovery call where I will get to know about your company, buyer persona, budget, and other important information. 

If you’re sold on receiving content strategy consulting, I will send you a quick agreement to sign before I start creating the deliverables.