SEO ROI Calculator

Use this free SEO ROI calculator to determine how much revenue you’ll drive through organic traffic every month.

The ROI you can expect from your search engine traffic.

How to Use The sEO Calculator

This SEO ROI Calculator is a strategic tool designed for marketers, business owners, and SEO specialists aiming to quantify the value of their SEO efforts. By providing insights into the financial returns generated from your organic search traffic, this calculator empowers you to make informed decisions about your SEO investments.

What is the SEO ROI Calculator?

Our SEO ROI Calculator is designed to help you understand the return on investment for your SEO activities. It simplifies the process of calculating the revenue generated from your website’s monthly organic search traffic. By inputting just a few key metrics, you can instantly gauge the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and their contribution to your business’s bottom line.

Metrics Explained

To use the calculator effectively, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the metrics it uses:

  • Monthly Traffic: The total number of visitors your site receives from organic search each month.
  • Conversion Rate (%): The percentage of your organic traffic that converts into paying customers. This measures the effectiveness of your site in persuading visitors to take the desired action, such as making a purchase.
  • Average Order Size: The average revenue earned from each conversion. This reflects the typical spending amount when a visitor makes a purchase through your site.

How to Use It Effectively

  1. Gather Your Data: Accurate input is key. Use your analytics tool to find your monthly organic traffic, conversion rate, and average order value.

  2. Input the Metrics: Enter your metrics into the corresponding fields on the calculator. Ensure the conversion rate is input as a percentage (e.g., 2 for 2%).

  3. Analyze and Interpret: The calculator will provide an estimate of the monthly revenue generated from your SEO efforts. Use this insight to evaluate the efficiency of your current SEO strategies.

  4. Strategize for Improvement: Identify areas where you can improve your site’s SEO to drive more traffic, enhance conversion rates, and increase the average order size. Experiment with different SEO techniques, measure their impact using the calculator, and refine your approach based on the results.