Google Ads ROAS/ROI Calculator

Use this free Google Ads ROI calculator to determine the profitability of your next campaign.

The return you generated from Google Ads.

How to Use The Calculator

This Google Ad Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Calculator is a must-have tool for digital marketers, PPC specialists, and business owners who are eager to measure and enhance the profitability of their Google Ads campaigns. By providing a clear, concise analysis of your advertising spend versus revenue generated, this calculator is your first step towards optimizing your ad spend and maximizing campaign effectiveness.

What is the ROAS Calculator?

Our Google Ad ROAS Calculator is designed to simplify the process of calculating the return on ad spend for your Google Ads campaigns. ROAS is a critical metric in digital advertising, offering insight into the effectiveness of your ads by comparing the revenue generated to the amount spent. A higher ROAS indicates a more efficient use of your advertising budget, leading to more profitable campaigns.

Metrics Explained

To get the most out of the calculator, you’ll need to input two key pieces of information:

  • Ad Spend: The total amount of money you’ve invested in your Google Ads campaign during a specific time period.
  • Revenue: The total revenue generated from conversions attributed to your Google Ads campaign in the same period.

How to Use It Effectively

  1. Collect Your Data: Before using the calculator, gather accurate data on your ad spend and revenue from your Google Ads and analytics platforms.
  2. Enter Your Metrics: Input your total ad spend and corresponding revenue into the calculator to see your ROAS.
  3. Analyze the Results: The calculator will provide you with a ROAS value, indicating the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign. A ROAS of 1 means you’re breaking even, while a higher ROAS signifies a profitable campaign.
  4. Optimize and Iterate: Use the insights from your ROAS calculation to make informed decisions about your Google Ads campaigns. Experiment with different ad creatives, targeting options, and budget allocations to find the strategies that yield the highest ROAS.

Leverage ROAS for Smarter Ad Spending

Understanding your ROAS is crucial for making data-driven decisions that optimize your advertising budget and increase campaign profitability. Our calculator helps you:

  • Identify High-Performing Campaigns: Focus on and scale campaigns with high ROAS to maximize your returns.
  • Adjust Strategy: Reallocate your budget away from underperforming campaigns to those with higher profitability.
  • Improve Campaign Design: Use ROAS insights to refine your ad copy, targeting, and bid strategies, driving better results.