Free Content Marketing Course

Imagine being able to grow your business without spending any money on PPC campaigns or other forms of traditional advertising. You would get free organic traffic, leads, authority, and brand awareness without spending a dime. Well, all of these things are possible thanks to content marketing.

Content marketing is the strategy of attracting clients and customers to your website through free resources. Good content not only attracts these individuals, but it also builds trust with them and creates the opportunity to educate them on relevant topics.

What will I learn in this content marketing course?

This content marketing course will teach you how to do the following:

  • Create a buyer’s persona to ensure that you only attract the most relevant readers to your business.
  • Research unique and interesting topics that readers will love along with creating a content calendar.
  • How some of the biggest companies have used content marketing to grow rapidly.
  • How to repurpose content into different formats for expanding your reach as much as possible.
  • The secrets to writing great blog posts.
  • Content promotion and distribution.

Who is this free content marketing course for?

This course is made for any business owner or marketer who wants to learn how to generate traffic, leads, and revenue through content marketing. There’s no entrepreneur that can’t benefit from taking it, whether you’re the content creator, hiring, or managing projects.

What’s so important about content marketing?

Business is changing. Consumer behavior is, too. People aren’t interested in having ads shoved in their faces all day. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Consumers have all of the resources in the world to research a product and the brand selling it. Think of review websites, social media, and channels like YouTube. They can make a completely informed buying decision without billboards, Facebook ads, or likewise telling them what to do.

That’s why the effectiveness of content marketing is rising rapidly. Consumers are viewing several pieces of content before buying products. They want to be able to trust you. They want to know your values. They want you to prove your expertise.

Understanding how to execute content marketing will also grow your brand’s thought leadership and authority. You’ll gain increased amounts of traffic from search engines, social networks, and other channels. It’ll act as a competitive advantage over those who still don’t produce content.

Content marketing is extremely cost-effective, too. All of it can be done by a solopreneur, done by an in-house team, or outsourced for a reasonable price.


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