Wisetech Report - 292% Increase in Traffic and 156.86% Increase in Earnings

Wisetech Report is a technology blog that focuses on influencer profiles and gear reviews. On February 22nd, 2018, I wrote an article that by itself increased the websites traffic by 292% and earnings by 156.86%. This is the article: TSM Myth Fortnite Settings & Gaming Setup
TSM Myth case study
A screenshot of what most of the article looks like.
At first glance, it is very simple and straight forward. It lays out the equipment and settings used by a professional gamer that goes by the alias Myth. He is a part of the team TSM and plays the online game Fortnite. I’m used to writing content that is in the 3,000 word range and contains hefty amounts of data, so let me explain why this is so different, yet performed so well. One of Wisetech Report’s focuses is profiles on influencers. The value of the content is to organize what equipment they use so loyal followers can get it themselves. Upon researching competition, many of them had this approach to their content as seen below. It inspired me to work smarter, not harder and to do the same. Competition Next, I began using Google’s Keyword Planner to collect keywords related to TSM Myth. Specifically, long tail keywords on exact gear and settings. TSM Myth keywords When writing the article, these keywords were added in the:
  • Title
  • URL
  • Body
  • Headers
  • Navigation
After it was published for one month, 7 out of the 10 top keywords that drove traffic to Wisetech Report were related to TSM Myth. Search console results From the day it was published until the last day of March, it gained almost 4,000 visits, close to double of the second best performing post. Article performance   It accounted for 28.52% of the overall traffic with a very impressive average time on page of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Traffic increase The traffic increase was enormous, at 292%. The revenue also jumped up by 156.86% from this article alone into the next month. Revenue increase