During Q4 of 2015, I worked with the e-commerce men’s fashion retailer Trill Wear.

 They planned to launch their new online store in October and contacted me for consulting. 

Trill Wear required a fully functional e-commerce store, a marketing plan, SEO, and other services as outlined ahead.

Developing the e-commerce store

To host Trill Wear’s e-commerce store, the Shopify platform was chosen as they did not intend to invest into content marketing. 

Thus, the company didn’t require a complex CMS like WordPress or a custom built one. As well, Shopify comes equipped with an SSL, was easier to use for the client, and is created specifically for selling online. 

This prevented the need to configure WordPress for e-commerce, saving time to delegate into other parts of the project.

The overall store was designed to be simple and bring attention to the products, which were featured on the main page to bring users into the sales funnel quicker. 

Trill Wear’s value proposition of designer looks at affordable prices was highlighted at the top of the page. This aligned perfectly with their target audience — 18-26 year old men interested in fashion but on a budget.

I requested higher definition photos for the products Trill Wear was selling along with more angles. Product photos play a crucial role in increasing conversion rates. The sales copy for product descriptions as written to elicit emotion in customers and to resonate with their values. Examples include:

  • Everyone will think you’re wearing designer brands
  • People will turn their heads to look at you
  • Be the best dressed man in the room

Elements such as the add-to-cart button were split tested and found to convert the most when left as black with white text. Black is a common color among top men’s fashion retailers.

Marketing plan

Trill Wear primarily used social media and email marketing to drive their sales and traffic. I ensured they were actively present on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Using tools like Hootsuite, I helped Trill Wear develop a content calendar. Their accounts were set up with a clear call to action in the biography, keywords, and relevant hashtags.

Instagram was used as a medium to collaborate with other brands for influencer marketing. Larger accounts were contacted and sent Trill Wear merchandise. This resulted in a constant stream of revenue, followers, and traffic.

The email marketing service Mailchimp was used to collect leads through a popup on the website and a form during checkout. I created a 10% discount code lead magnet and segmented users based on how far they made it through the sales funnel. Targeted emails were then sent to different segments to improve awareness or generate sales.

For SEO, my main focus was ensuring that every product had a main keyword and that the alt text/file names for images included it as well. This helped drive high quality traffic through Google image search. Trill Wear went on to rank for hundreds of highly targeted keywords related to products they were selling.


After working with Trill Wear for 6 months, their online store was receiving several thousand visits on a monthly basis. Social media drove the most traffic with email and organic following suit. Trill Wear consistently generated $5,000/month in revenue which they reinvested into marketing and expanding their product lines.