Toronto editing and proofreading services

Do you need copy or content proofread or edited to ensure that it’s perfect for publishing? I offer several different editing services that will make sure that any copy is in polished, drives results, and achieves your goals.


My copyediting services involve fixing grammatical, punctual, syntax, or stylistic errors. This also extends into fact-checking, fixing copy line-by-line, and making material more clear and concise. 

The reality is if you’re writing copy, let along thousand of words, there are going to be errors and mishaps. These unfortunately can dampen branding, the reading experience, and can make or break whether a campaign is successful. Consumers are smarter than ever and will catch onto these small details. 

Substantive editing

One step deeper than traditional copyediting services is substantive editing. This is a more strict and thorough editing process which involves fixing structure, logical flow, connecting ideas, and removing sections.
I always provide insight, comments, and suggestions behind the reasoning for these changes. I believe in taking a scientific, psychological, and data-driven approach to these adjustments. They are made to provide the best possible reading experience, create emotion, and get readers on the edge of their seats. 


Editing isn’t enough. A final read of content or copy will prevent any errors from slipping through the cracks. I can proofread Google Docs, Word docs, PDFs, or physical material.

I specifically look for errors in spelling, punctuation, consistency, style, and formatting. If you have a style guide, please provide that before I proofread to know what to look for specifically or I will take a standard approach.