PIERRO SHOES – 135% increase in traffic

Pierro Shoes

Pierro Shoes is a men’s e-commerce store turned blog that was featured in 3 issues of GQ Magazine.

Starting in June of 2017, I pivoted the business from selling physical products to being monetized with affiliate marketing and ad networks.

Originally, most of the websites traffic was driven from social media.

I developed a content marketing and SEO strategy which involved:

  • Targeting a mix of low and high competition keywords.
  • Writing long form content 3 times per week.
  • Acquiring high quality backlinks through guest posting, broken backlink building, and general outreach.
  • Re-purposing the content into infographics, slideshows, and other forms.

I rotated between heavy affiliate content and pure informational posts. Here is an example of both:

Consistent applying this content and SEO strategy, traffic increased by 135% over the course of 12 months.

135% increase in traffic

 The website continues to rank for more keywords as natural backlinks are earned and the site gains authority.