Free Copywriting Course For Beginners

Don’t know how to write different forms of copy? Struggling to get a good process down pat? You’re in the right place.

My free copywriting course will teach you all of the fundamental strategies for writing different materials ranging from blog posts to email newsletters.

It will create the perfect base to become a better copywriter or freelancer.

Who can benefit from taking this free copywriting course?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer just getting started in the copywriting world or a seasoned content marketing manager that wants to sharpen their skills.

Additionally, understanding copywriting is crucial if you plan to hire a freelance copywriter. This is because you will have a better grasp of the quality a writer is delivering. Otherwise, you’ll be in the dark and won’t know if you’re spending your budget wisely.

Overall, in this course, you will learn lots of new strategies, processes, and ideas that will transform your projects, business, and career.

Don’t you want to write copy that generates results? Then you need to take this course. You have nothing to lose.

Why is copywriting important, anyway?

Everything is made up of copy. Think about advertisements, cover letters, blog posts, and anything in between.

Learning how to write effective copy will improve the results and performance of all of these things. Heck, just think all of the little and big ways you write every day. You don’t have to be a full time copywriter to benefit from writing better, either.

Furthermore, good copy is what separates high converting ads and content from the mediocre material most businesses publish.

If you invest in any form of marketing or advertising, you NEED to know how to write brilliant copy or at least be able to recognize it. (Specifically, if you’re hiring.)

What will I learn?

You will learn and gain the following benefits from enrolling in this course:

  1. How much a copywriter earns and what a career as a copywriter entails.
  2. How to write blog posts that rank on the first page of Google and make users drools for more.
  3. How to write email newsletters that sell anything.
  4. How to write whitepapers and case studies that generate leads and close clients.
  5. An effortless writing process that will save you time, energy, and stress.
  6. And more!


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